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Latest: Apple Daily: ‘Leaked’ iPhone 6c Photos; Obligatory Apple Watch Try-Ons; Q2 Earnings Date

In today’s Apple Daily, photos of the recently rumored “iPhone 6c” are already making their way across the Internet. In other news, you’ll apparently have to sign up for a try-on reservation if you expect to buy an...
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Apple Daily: ‘Leaked’ iPhone 6c Photos; Obligatory Apple Watch Try-Ons; Q2 Earnings Date

In today’s Apple Daily, photos of the recently rumored “iPhone 6c” are already making their way across the Internet. In other news, you’ll apparently have to sign up for a try-on reservation if you expect to buy an Apple Watch in-store, and even then you might have to wait for it. Also, Apple announced the date of its next earnings call.

Chinese Supplier ‘Leaks’ Photos of Rumored ‘iPhone 6c’

Well, that didn’t take long. Only a few days after word dropped that Apple might be releasing a smaller, low-cost “iPhone 6c” model later this year, a Chinese parts supplier by the name of Future Supplier (via Nowhereelse.fr) already has some allegedly leaked photos of the device. By and large, it looks like what you’d expect — a more modern take on the iPhone 5c. But it’s not that much more modern, and indeed, by eyeball estimates alone, it’s thought to sport another 4-inch screen.

Subtle details in the design even suggest that the device won’t be that different from the iPhone 5s internally. For one, it features the same type of LED flash design as the 5s, and for another, the device features the same type of speaker grill. Although it seems a shame to release a “new” phone with specs that might be as many as two generations old, the move would be well in line with Apple’s rumored intentions to sell the device for even less than the iPhone 5c sold for in 2013.

Try-On Reservations Apparently Mandatory for Buying an Apple Watch In-Store

A common thread running through all of the rumors and news about the Apple Watch that we’ve heard so far is that buyers will have to sign up for presentations in order to handle the device. If you want to try on one of the more “normal” versions, for instance, you’ll have up to 15 minutes to try it out in the presence of an Apple employee; if you want to try out the mega-expensive Apple Watch Edition, you’ll reportedly get 30 minutes.

But according to “leaked” documentation obtained by MacRumors, though, that’s not mere perception, nor is it a mere nod to Apple’s customer service. Apparently, if you’re at all interested in getting one of the devices, you’ll have to sign up for “Product Reservations.” Walk-in purchases, it seems, are currently being discouraged.

“If a customer walks in and wants to purchase a watch, offer the option to try on a watch,” the documentation reportedly says. “Then help them place an order online or through the Apple Store app.”

The upshot of this is that the appointment to try on the device does not necessarily mean you’ll get to walk out with a watch, even after the official April 24 release date.

Apple to Announce Q2 2015 Earnings Results on April 27

Apple today updated its investor relations page to report April 27 as the date of its earnings call for the second quarter of 2015, which means we’ll finally get to learn it Apple managed to sustain the massive, record-breaking sales it achieved in the first quarter.

The call itself will take place at 2:00 p.m. PST, but as is standard with Apple, the earnings report itself will likely be available at around 1:30 p.m. In its first earnings call for the year, Apple reported that it expected to reach between to billion in revenue for the second quarter, which equates into a gross margin of approximately 39 percent.

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Apple Daily: Apple Watch Specialty Stores; Tim Cook Opposes Indiana’s New Law; Apple Hasn’t Talked with NBC

In today’s Apple Daily, Apple CEO Tim Cook expresses his opposition to Indiana’s controversial new law. In other news, NBCUniversal’s absence from the “known” roster of channels for Apple’s rumored online streaming TV service has nothing to do with negotiations gone wrong. Apparently there haven’t been any negotiations to begin with. Also, Apple has officially announced when the three dedicated Apple Watch stores-within-stores will open.

Apple Announces Dedicated Apple Watch Store Openings for April 10

Apple Watch isn’t just coming to Apple retail stores; depending on where you are, you can also find it in Apple specialty shops that focus exclusively on the device at high-end department store locations around the world. Apple has announced that the first three of these shops will open on April 10, just in time for the Cupertino company’s official hands-on previews ahead of the device’s official launch on April 24.


Specifically, the locations in questions are at Selfridges in London, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo. (Noticeably, an American location is absent from the list.) If customers wish to purchase another Apple product in addition to an Apple Watch, they’ll have to get it from elsewhere.

While the design of these shops still largely remains a mystery, they’ll almost certainly have dedicating viewing and presentation areas for buyers interested in the gold Apple Watch Edition, which is priced between ,000 and ,000.

Tim Cook Expresses Opposition to Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law

Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bill into law yesterday that will allow Indiana businesses to deny service to gay and lesbian customers for reasons of “religious freedom.” Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced his opposition to the law in a series of tweets. The law itself will take effect on July 1.

“Apple is open for everyone,” Cook said in a tweet this afternoon. “We are deeply disappointed in Indiana’s new law and calling on Arkansas Gov. to veto the similar #HB1228.”

In another tweet, Apple noted that “Around the world, we strive to treat every customer the same — regardless of where they come from, how they worship or who they love.”

Cook, who came out as gay last October, has long been a vocal support of equal rights. In 2013 alone, for instance, he publicly expressed Apple’s support for the Employment Nondiscrimination Act and a delivered a lecture on the subject to his alma mater Auburn University in Alabama.

Report: Apple Hasn’t Even Contacted NBC About Rumored TV Service

When news of Apple’s online TV streaming service first dropped, commentators assumed that NBCUniversal wasn’t included in the initial channel lineup owing to complications surrounding Apple’s long feud with Comcast. But according to a letter Comcast sent to the Federal Communications Commission (via Re/code), NBC Universal’s currently not part of the deal because Apple hasn’t contacted them. As in, at all.

The letter in question concerns another letter from “Stop Mega Comcast,” which (as its name implies), is opposed to the merger of Comcast and Time-Warner that’s been in talks for some time now. In response, Comcast attorney Francis Buono told the FCC: “Not only has NBCUniversal not ‘withheld’ programming from Apple’s new venture, Apple has not even approached NBCUniversal with such a request.”

According to Re/code, a clause in the contract for the merger of Comcast and NBC may allow Apple to force NBC to license content to Apple if Apple manages to get multiple contracts with the company’s competitors. If that’s true, Apple might just be biding its time before approaching NBC.


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