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Wednesday Recap: iPad Prototype Details, Fantastical 1.3, Crazy Apple TV Rumors

Fantastical 1.3Despite the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, it sure feels like a long week already here at MacLife.com. But fear not, because “hump day” has arrived, and with it a heaping helping of tech news you’re sure to want to peruse. So without further ado, let’s follow up on that iPad prototype sold on eBay, a couple of new app updates and more for this Wednesday, April 30, 2012.

eBay Seller Claims ,200 iPad Prototype “Most Likely” Stolen

Remember that crazy iPad prototype with two dock connector ports we told you about yesterday? The one that sold on eBay for a whopping ,200? According to Wired, the seller who cashed in on the auction managed to elude Apple, who generally frowns upon its prototypes being sold and is quick to get them pulled from eBay. “I wasn’t expecting the auction to finish. I was expecting Apple to take it down,” he explained to Wired. “I knew that Apple wouldn’t be as active over the weekend, and I had a better chance of Apple not taking it down.” So where did the unit come from? The anonymous seller claims to have purchased it from a co-worker, but has no idea how this person got their hands on it — but it likely wasn’t through legal means. “I don’t know if it was stolen from Apple, or if the person who was working with it kept it,” the seller reveals. “Judging by how Apple works, it’s most likely stolen, but I’m not sure about that.” That may not sit well with eBay, who frowns upon stolen property being sold on their service. However, the cash looks like it will head back to Apple — the seller plans to save the cash and buy a new iPhone 5 or MacBook Pro with they come out.

Fantastical 1.3 Adds iOS Reminders Support

If you’re seeking some fantastic news for this mid-week hump day, how about an update to the excellent Fantastical app for Mac? The app has been updated to version 1.3 in both the Mac App Store as well as the Flexbits website, adding support for iCal and iOS Reminders right from your menu bar — and that includes creating, editing and viewing them. The update also allows editing or deleting an event with attendees from Outlook, which properly sends an update notice to the invitees. “Various bug fixes and improvements” top off today’s Fantastical 1.3 update, which can be had for a mere .99 on the Mac App Store for new buyers (existing owners get a free update, as usual).

Google Voice Offers Better Way to Manage Unknown Callers

The Google Voice Blog announced a nifty change to the way the service handles anonymous calls today. In addition to playing custom greetings for one type of call or sending that chatty neighbor straight to voicemail, the service now allows users to identify two groups of callers. The first allows setting a special greeting for anyone already in your address book, or to automatically screen calls from those who aren’t. The second is aimed an anonymous callers without Caller ID — now GV users can set up such calls to always be screened, forwarded only to certain devices or have a custom greeting played. Head over to your Google Voice website account to tweak these new settings to your linking!

Rumor: Apple May Reveal HDTV OS at WWDC

BGR is going off the rails on a crazy train again today, boldly predicting that WWDC 2012 will be where Apple shows off a new Apple TV OS, which will be featured on both the existing black boxes as well as the mythical HDTV the company is supposedly building. According to “a trusted source,” Apple is also planning a new “control out” API in order to make the OS work with devices from third-party manufacturers so they’ll be compatible with Apple’s television offerings. The same source does not expect Apple to actually introduce an HDTV at WWDC, however. Color us skeptical, especially given how recently the company rolled out the new look for its third-generation Apple TV, but stranger things have happened.

PhotoSync 1.6 Brings Google Drive, 500px Support

One of our favorite apps for wirelessly transferring photos and videos between iOS devices and computers is PhotoSync, which today got a big update to version 1.6. Included with the update is support for Google Drive and 500px as well as uploading videos to Zenfolio. FTP support has also been extended, adding active/passive FTP mode. Incorrectly rotated images can now be automatically fixed prior to being uploaded, and PhotoSync now includes updated graphics for the new iPad’s Retina Display as well. The developer notes that Picasa and Facebook users will have to log into their accounts again after installing, and promises Microsoft SkyDrive support “as soon as MS allows unresized photo uploads to SkyDrive for third-party apps.” Let’s hope sooner than later. The app is free for existing users and .99 for everyone else, and the Mac or Windows sync client can be uploaded from the developer’s website free of charge.

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