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Wednesday Recap: Simple, 1 Billion Angry Birds, iPod Class Action, Google+ 2.0

Google+ 2.0Seems like this is the kind of Wednesday that the term “hump day” was designed for. Apple kept us on our toes by releasing updates to OS X Lion and Safari today, and the rest of the tech world has been hard at work doing the same on what’s generally a ho-hum day of the week. In case you happen to be downloading those aforementioned updates and need some reading material, here’s the latest for Wednesday, May 9, 2012.

Video: Simple Aims to Be the Only Bank You’ll Ever Need

If you’re frustrated with your current bank, a new service called Simple aims to alleviate your pain and suffering — assuming you have the patience to get through the company’s long waiting list, that is. However, if you’ve already managed to successfully acquire an invitation, Simple today released their iPhone app to the App Store. “Today, everyone expects their bank to have a mobile app,” the company notes. “However, too many banking apps feel like an afterthought. We took a different approach and put the mobile app first. With the Simple mobile app you can view your Safe-to-Spend balance, search and browse your entire transaction history, pay bills, deposit checks, and get help from our customer relations team. No matter where you are, you’ll have all the same tools that are available on the Simple website.” Judging from the demo video embedded below, Simple looks to be a pretty slick way to go — though we’re not entirely sure we’d trust them with the amount of money the hipster in the video has on hand, at least not yet…

Simple iPhone App Video from Simple on Vimeo.

Rovio Racks Up 1 B-B-Billion Downloads for Angry Birds

Your momma may have taught you that there’s no reward for being angry, but apparently the same does not apply for virtual fowl. Rovio announced today that its Angry Birds games have now collectively been downloaded more than a billion times. An impressive landmark, to be sure, but the mobile gaming giant claims “this is only the beginning of our story” and asks that we keep our eyes peeled for what’s coming up next from Rovio. Um… even more Angry Birds? Seems logical…

Google+ Gets “Sense and Soul” Update on iOS Before Android

Seems as if Google is going to continue to ignore the iPad with many of its iOS apps, but at least it’s trying to pretty up the ones it already has. The Google Official Blog announced a new update to the Google+ iOS app today, which brings “sense and soul” along with a more attractive UI and full-bleed photos and videos. “But you know what’s really cool?” the blog asks. “Content so immersive it remakes your mobile device into a rich carousel of beloved memories and breaking news. That’s the Google+ experience we aspire to, and today’s release helps us get closer.” The version update is rolling out now, and it’s kind of significant, considering that the search giant won’t be offering the same look and feel with its Android app for a few more weeks — although it does tease “a few extra surprises” to come, when it finally does arrive.

iPod Antitrust Lawsuit Gains Class Action Status

Ars Technica is reporting that an iPod-related lawsuit dating back to 2004 has finally been blessed with class action status. The antitrust lawsuit covers customers who purchased an iPod between September 12, 2006 and March 31, 2009, with owners just starting to be notified about the updated status. The suit came about as a result of RealNetworks’ efforts to free music purchases made through iTunes from being played exclusively on iPods — a problem that is no longer an issue now that Apple offers DRM-free music for its entire catalog. But that isn’t about to stop the attorneys from seeking out due compensation for those afflicted by the problem over the aforementioned 2.5 years — if you’re one of them, keep your eyes peeled for a notification about the class action, which you can choose to opt out of entirely, should you so desire.

Pocket God Comics 2.0 Brings UI Improvements, Issue No. 16

Bolt Creative has released Pocket God Comics 2.0 today, featuring issue number 16 with “Gem Cell Research: Part 2 of 4,” a “sharktastic, laserific” edition. The app also gets itself a sweet new design with Featured, Just Added and Top Titles buttons now on the menu. But what about part two of “Gem Cell Research”? Turns out the only way to fix it is with a laser, and the only laser around is the one on the Laser-Shark — which, as you can imagine, will lead to all kinds of hilarity as the girls try to catch it. The app also includes free extras such as No. 16 of The Pygmy Peril Newsletter, an exclusive remastered version of the first Pocket God animated short and much more! The 16.2MB update is now available for existing users, and can be purchased for a mere 99 cents for new users in the App Store.

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