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Weekend Recap: AT&T’s New Fee, Pandora Radio, QuickTime Trailer Downloads

AT&T logoAmericans are headed back to work after the extended Memorial Day weekend, which was a bit lean on tech news, as you might imagine. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t scrounged up a handful of items to kick off the short work week, including Apple’s mysterious removal of QuickTime trailer downloads and details on a new fee AT&T Wireless customers may be scratching their head over.

AT&T Adds 61¢/Month Administrative Fee

Electronista is reporting that AT&T Wireless has added an extra 61 cents per month fee to customers’ bills as of May 1, an “administrative fee” expected to add as much as 0 million to their bank account each year. Worse yet, the fee is actually per line and not per account, so families will be whacked accordingly depending on how many phones they have. The only good news here is that this fee is actually less than other carriers, with Verizon Wireless at 77 cents per user and Sprint at per line (T-Mobile bundles the fee with other regulatory charges). So what’s it all for? AT&T claims the dough will “cover certain expenses, such as interconnection and cell site rents and maintenance” and that the charge is “consistent with similar fees charged by other carriers” — none of which is likely to make anyone feel any better about the hit to their wallet.

Pandora for iPhone Adds Facebook Sharing, Lyrics

The rumor mill may be focused on Apple’s mythical “iRadio” service, but Pandora Radio doesn’t appear to worried about the threat. The app’s most recent version 4.3 update adds the ability to connect with Facebook to share what you’re listening to and help friends discover new music. Ready to sing along with a tune? Tap on the album artwork and you’ll now get additional information such as lyrics and artist info. Last but not least, an enhanced track menu makes it easy to create new stations or share, purchase or bookmark the music you’re listening to. The 16.9MB update is now available from the App Store.

Download Options Start to Vanish from Apple QuickTime Trailers Website

As noted by MacRumors on Friday, it seems that Apple has started the process of removing downloads from its QuickTime Trailers website. The move apparently began around May 22, which is when the latest trailer for Pixar’s Monsters University was uploaded — and unlike previous versions, has no option to download. Older trailers appear to be unaffected by this move for now, but if there’s a title you’d really like to have, it might be a good idea to grab it while you can.

Saturday Evening Post Now Available on Newsstand

The Saturday Evening Post is one of those publications many of us have probably heard of but never actually read, while others might be surprised to discover it’s even still being published at all. According to TechCrunch, the magazine has now landed on Apple’s Newsstand as a free app with single issues available for .99 each or as single issue subscription for .99 each; a one-year, six-issue subscription is the best deal at .99. Billed as “the trusted voice of American culture,” The Post may be most legendary for its cover artwork, the work of artist Norman Rockwell, who contributed a whopping 323 original covers to the publication over 47 years.

Google, Microsoft Working Together on YouTube for Windows Phone

The Verge reported Friday that one high-profile legal tussle may actually wind up having a happy ending. According to sources, Google and Microsoft will be working together on an official YouTube app for Windows Phone, following a recent cease and desist notice from the search giant over Microsoft’s failure to utilize the proper YouTube API (i.e., ads). “Microsoft and YouTube are working together to update the new YouTube for Windows Phone app to enable compliance with YouTube’s API terms of service, including enabling ads, in the coming weeks,” Google noted in a brief statement last week — a move that could bode well for Windows Phone getting some much-needed Google love in the future.

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