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Overnight Recap: Hulu Plus 3.0, Google on Reader, Runner’s World on Boston

Hulu Plus 3.0

The banners are up, the weekend is here and come Monday, it will be showtime once again in San Francisco as Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off for 2013. There have probably been thousands (millions?) of words written over the last few months on what the company might debut there, but come 10 a.m. PDT we’ll all know for sure. Be sure to join us for WWDC 2013 coverage here on MacLife.com!

Hulu Plus 3.0 Introduces All-New iPad UI

There have been a plethora of iOS app updates this week, but our favorite by far is Hulu Plus 3.0, which the streaming provider released on Thursday. Although the iPhone/iPod touch didn’t get much love, the iPad features an all-new user interface that allows videos to be minimized while browsing for what to watch next. A new discovery panel offers a quick peek just by tapping on the image for any episode, and a collection of “editorially curated” shows, clips and movies will give viewers plenty to watch during the lazy sunny summer ahead. The 12.3MB download is available for download now, but requires an active Hulu Plus subscription to use.

Google Tries to Blame Reader’s Demise on Mobile Lifestyles

With the death of Google Reader less than a month away, Wired attempted to get to the bottom of why the search giant really decided to put the RSS service out to pasture — and we only have ourselves to blame, apparently. “As a culture we have moved into a realm where the consumption of news is a near-constant process,” Google Senior Director, News & Social Products Richard Gingras told Wired on Thursday. “Users with smartphones and tablets are consuming news in bits and bites throughout the course of the day — replacing the old standard behaviors of news consumption over breakfast along with a leisurely read at the end of the day.” Gingras thinks services like Google Now and its Google+ social network fill the void quite nicely, although there are an awful lot of orphaned Reader users who might disagree.

Roku Adding Redbox Instant by Verizon This Summer

Aside from Google’s YouTube, one of the biggest Roku holdouts has to be Redbox Instant by Verizon, the streaming service which launched earlier this year on mobile devices and select smart TVs and Blu-ray players. The Roku Blog announced Thursday that the wait will soon be over as Redbox Instant lands on the tiny media streaming box later this sunny summer, available on Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku LT (models 2400 & 2450), and Roku HD (model 2500) players as well as the Roku Streaming Stick. Those still clinging to kiosk-based DVD rentals, rejoice!

Runner’s World Delivers Interactive Coverage of Boston Marathon

Adobe’s Digital Publishing Blog published an in-depth look at the making of the July issue of Runner’s World magazine, which is dedicated to the Boston Marathon bombings. In addition to stories from more than 20 runners who lived to tell about their experiences, the digital issue — created with Adobe’s Digital Publishing System — includes interactive content such as a timeline that illustrates how the events unfolded that fateful day, complete with audio, video and overlays. The free Newsstand app is available now from the App Store, with the July 2013 issue ready to download for only .99.

Time Warner Cable Debuts Browser-Based Live TV

It took long enough, but Time Warner Cable is finally loosening its stranglehold on viewing cable subscription content outside the home. According to the company’s Untangled blog, TWCTV.com users can now view On Demand and Live TV from any internet connection on any Mac or PC, following the company’s recent move to unchain the iOS and Android apps. Of course, it makes sense that the mobile apps would have this feature earlier, since how many of us are actually watching streaming media on their desktops or laptops these days?

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