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The Week’s Best Deals for Your Mac and iOS Device, June 6

Great things come in small packages, so this week’s refurbs are all about Apple’s line of nearly hockey puck shaped objets d’art that not only look good, but pack a wallop to boot. The accessories have taken over! These deals are going like hotcakes which makes sense given their size and these price cuts.


Refurbished AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n and AirTunes

It just works works a whole lot better when you’re using official Apple products. Extend your network with the right base station and do it for . 

Refurbished AirPort Express

Of course first you need the AirPort Express to get you started and with off the price, gets you going.

Refurbished AirPort Extreme Base Station

Express isn’t cutting it in your book, you need EXTREME. And off, taking it down to 9. Now you’re pushing your network big time.

Refurbished Time Capsule – 2 TB

Okay, so you can put your network device and your storage device into one handy dandy device and now you’re cooking with some serious gas. And it’s only 9, so you’re totally set.

Refurbished Apple TV

The original Apple hockey puck entertainment set up is a teeny little thing that’ll stream content right to your screen and it’s only . 

Refurbished Mac mini with OS X Server 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7

They’re not all accessories, as this 0 price slashed little dynamo proves. 9 gives you more computer processing power than many a machine and it’ll fit in the palm of your hand.

Apimac Secret Folder


Keep certain documents and photos away from prying eyes and do it for only a tenner with Apimac Secret Folder.

iOS Accessories

Targus SafePORT Case Rugged Max Pro for iPhone 5

Holy smokes would you look at how dense the protection is on that one? Yowza! And it’s almost half off, dropping from to just .99.

LaCie 500GB Rugged Triple – FireWire 800 / SuperSpeed USB 3.0 – 7200 rpm – Refurbished

LaCie is one of the biggies in external hard drives and this rugged beauty is off so grab the refurb for only .99.

Smart Cover for iPad

MacMall is still hooking you up with the half-price Smart Cover so you can slap on this slick number for only .99.

iPad Mini Folio Case 

A case for your little one and it’s only .99, saving you ten bucks.

Power GOgroove BlueVIBE F1T Sport Bluetooth Stereo Earbud Headset with Hands-Free Microphone

If you’re running down the street and you get a call, no need to stop the music if you’ve got these bad boys on and with a half price deal taking them down to , now’s the time to snag a set.

2 Pack Griffin Apple Approved iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Data Cables

Holy smokes that’s a good deal. Sure, lots of you upgraded to the iPhone 5 and the Lightning cable but for those of us still on older models, a good cord deal like this goes a long way. .99 for two and free shipping to boot? What a bargain!

Genuine Apple MD818ZM/A Lightning to USB Cable

Meanwhile, if you are rocking the iPhone 5, here’s a honey of a cable deal. for the real deal Apple cable.

Bright white 60x Magnification Digital Microscope Lens + LED

Take pictures of the littlest of things with crystal clarity with this handy little lens add on and its price (.72) is as little as it is.

OCHO 5000mAh Backup External Battery Pack Charger with built-in LED Flashlight

Sometimes when you’re out and about, you need power and sometimes you need a little light too. Luckily, here’s one and the same for only .99. Use coupon code MLCKDM04L1 and you’ll get it for .99 with free shipping.

Philips In.Sight M100 Wireless Home Monitor (Refurbished)

Keep your eyes on your home or whatever with this easy stream camera for only . By as many as you can as the system will keep up to 16 going at once.

Really Darn Cheap

We don’t usually have a Really Darn Cheap tie, but this week is an exception.

Apple iPhone 4 / 4S Illusion Snap-On Hard Case

Pretend you have two screens with this tricky case going for a mere .95. Protection and an illusion in one go.

Mini Capacitive Touchscreen Stylus Pen – 10 Pack

You read that right. A stylin stylus ten pack for only .49 plus free shipping. Holy smokes what a deal.


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