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Apple Reportedly Planning to Bundle Beats Music with Future Releases of iOS

Apple spent all that money on Beats earlier this year, and they really, really want you to see what the service has to offer. And just to ensure that you have no excuse not to try it out, the company’s reportedly going to start bundling it with iOS starting sometime next year. According to the Financial Times, that could happen as early as March.

The report echoes some of the rumors we’ve been hearing for some time now, such as how Apple might merge the service with iTunes at some point in the future. It also claims that users should be able to send Beats music from their iPhones to their Apple Watches (which also hints that March might also mark the release date for Apple’s long-awaited piece of wearable tech).

Apple is thought to have bought Beats specifically for a head start into the music-streaming business, but according to some estimates, it’s only been able to reach around 119,000 subscriptions. (That’s barely an improvement from the 110,000 Beats reportedly achieved on its own.) It’s possible those numbers could improve if Apple bundles Beats with iOS as stated, but probably not as much as they would if the service were a part of iTunes itself.

Still other reports claim that Apple may knock the cost of a Beats subscription down to .00 a month in order to compete with existing streaming giants like Spotify and Google Play Music. As things stand, a Beats subscription currently costs .99 per month or .99 for an entire year.

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