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Apple Maps Replaces Google Maps on iCloud.com

After so many years of relying on Google Maps for key apps on iOS and OS X, Apple is almost completely free from its competition’s navigation service. Today the Cupertino company dropped Google Maps from iCloud.com, specifically for its Find My iPhone service.

The company briefly rolled out Apple Maps earlier this year for participants in the iCloud.com beta, but now it appears to have extended it to the service as a whole. Google Maps can still be found in use for some retail store listings on Apple’s main site, but even that should go away in the coming months in favor of the company’s own service.

Apple Maps has come a long way since its much maligned 2012 release, which was riddled with bugs, poor directions, and improperly placed landmarks. In just one famous incident, Apple Maps told a driver in Alaska to drive onto the airplane taxiway at the Fairbanks airport in order to get to the terminal. (It was fixed shortly thereafter.)

Things have gotten better since then, and by late last year the iPhone maker’s improvements to Apple Maps for iOS (and its decision to render it the default mapping service) helped it to grab around 80 percent of Google Maps’ former iOS traffic. As of last month, Apple Maps was actually generating more traffic than Google Maps on a popular London network.

More improvements are supposedly in the works, but as we reported back in June, “internal politics” are reportedly keeping them from making it to our devices.

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