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Apple Daily: 2015 MacBook Air and 4K Monitors, CNNGo on Apple TV

Apple may want us to believe that the upcoming MacBook Air won’t be able to handle external 4K monitors, but it seems it’s actually selling itself short. Oh, Apple — don’t be so humble! In other news, there’s already another channel available for Apple TV, and gold Apple Watch buyers can expect 30-minute appointments come April 10.

Despite Apple’s Contrary Claims, the new MacBook Air Can Handle 4K Monitors

Apple isn’t being entirely honest about the capabilities of the newly updated 2015 MacBook Air. If the laptop’s specs page is to be believed, the device can only support an external monitor with a maximum display of 2560×1600.

But that’s just not true, according to a new report from Ars Technica. Not only did the site discover that the 2015 MacBook Air is capable of supporting external 4K resolution displays, but it can also run them with a 60Hz refresh rate.

In their words, “The Mac detected the display, noticed that it was 4K, and without any extra cajoling began displaying in HiDPI mode. You get the same usable screen space as a standard 1080p display, just with sharper images and text. The BlurBusters refresh rate test verified that we were looking at 60Hz output.”

So why the shortselling? According to Ars Technica, it’s because you can’t run the 4K display and the MacBook Air’s native display at the same time. If you try it, performance is always going to take a hit, even that hit apparently “isn’t too bad.”


Apple Adds CNNGo to Apple TV

Just yesterday we reported that the channels TED, Tastemade, and Young Hollywood are now available for the Apple TV, and now Apple has added CNN Go to the device’s growing lineup.

As you might expect, CNNGo focuses on news, particularly for viewers who want access to live coverage and the ability to view segments from the previous 24 hours on demand. It’s not the service’s first appearance on Apple’s devices, though, as a version of the service has been available for the iPad for some time.

And now for the bad news. As with so many other channels on the Apple TV, you’ll need to enter authentication information from your cable provider in order to access the majority of the content. Fortunately, you’ll see be able to watch a few segments without a subscription.


Gold Apple Watch Potential Buyers to Get 30-Minute Appointments

So let’s say that, wealthy person that you are, you’re almost ready to slap down more than ,000 for a gold Apple Watch Edition, and you’re ready to get an appointment to handle one on April 10. How far does that kind of commitment go with Apple? According to the International Business Times, who spoke with employees at two Apple Stores in Manhattan, that kind of cash will get you a 30-minute appointment with an Apple employee beginning April 10 instead of the usual 15.

But there may be more to it than that. Previous information claimed that customers looking to buy a gold Apple Watch would work with veteran employees who’d undertaken specialized training. So while that extra 15 minutes may seem like a small gesture, the truth is that the presentation experience may be vastly different for Edition buyers, particularly if Apple really is taking cues from art and fashion companies.

In-store previews and preorders for the Apple Watch begin on April 10, but the device itself won’t be available until April 24.

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