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Apple Daily: More Apple Watch Information; Apple Releases Patch for FREAK

Plenty of details about the Apple Watch are still emerging in the wake of yesterday’s event, and today we learned some specifics about battery replacements for the device and how many songs and photos we’ll be able to store on it. In addition, Apple released a patch for yet another vulnerability, although there’s a good chance you’ve already downloaded it.

Apple Watch Will Have Replaceable Battery, Will Support 2GB in Music Files

Apple’s “Spring Forward” event may be over, but there’s still a bit of new information trickling out that Tim Cook and friends didn’t relate during the actual presentation. One big bit of news that TechCrunch managed to secure after the event is that the Apple Watch’s battery will, in fact, be replaceable. It’s currently not known, however, how much the process will cost and whether owners can send in the device remotely or whether they’ll have to visit an Apple Store for the service. TechCrunch also tried to find out if Apple would offer any kind of CPU replacement or RAM upgrade, but Apple had not followed up with a reply.

Elsewhere, 9to5Mac learned that, of the 8GB of storage allotted for an Apple Watch, you’ll be able to use 2GB of that for music stored locally on the device and 75MB for photos. Much more is available through a paired iPhone, of course, but these are the limits you’ll have if you stick to the Apple Watch itself. In addition, you’ll be able to sync the songs to your Apple Watch through the use of the companion app released with iOS 8.2. Depending on the quality of the digital files, that amounts to around 200-500 songs and approximately 100 photos.

Apple Releases Patch for FREAK Vulnerability

Exactly a week ago the Washington Post reported that researchers had uncovered a new security flaw in Apple and Google devices known as FREAK (Factoring Attack on RSA-EXPORT Keys), which potentially allowed hackers to access the devices. The vulnerability reportedly was the result of old U.S. government policies that forbade companies from exporting strong encryption. As a result, the companies created weak “export-grade” RSA keys for international shipments.

That all has changed now, though, and Apple has included fixes that disable the obsolete keys for the devices in several patches. If you downloaded iOS 8.2 yesterday, for instance, it’s in there for the iPhone 4s, iPad 2, the fifth generation iPod, and all later models. The update is also available for Apple TV via patch 7.1 and for Macs running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5, Mavericks 10.9.5, and Yosemite 10.10.2.

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