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Spring Forward Event: Apple Reinvents Notebook with New 12-inch MacBook

12-inch MacBook keyboard

Apple CEO Tim Cook warmed the hearts and minds of many portable computer lovers by debuting a super-thin new MacBook during the Spring Forward event in San Francisco on Monday.

“Can you even see it? I can’t even feel it!” Cook exclaimed as he carried the reinvented MacBook onto the stage before handing the proceedings over to Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Philip W. Schiller.

Featuring a svelte new look that weighs in at only two pounds, with a frame only 13.1mm thin — a whopping 24 percent thinner than the current generation MacBook Air.

Apple has also reworked the keyboard to match the thinner frame, with more precise, more accurate keys. The all-new, full-sized keyboard also includes an LED backlight for each key.

Moving onto the display, the 12-inch MacBook features a Retina Display with a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels that consumes 30 percent less energy. The panel itself is an insanely thin 0.88mm thin, which Schiller described as the thinnest display ever used on a Mac.

The trackpad has also been upgraded for the latest MacBook, with a new “force touch” feature that enables new, more accurate gestures. For example, pressing harder on an email address in the Mail application can pull up that location, or getting a preview of files while in the Finder.

The interior of the new MacBook is no less impressive: Schiller noted that this is the first fanless model ever made by Apple, with a logic board 67 percent smaller than previous models. Powered by an Intel Core M processor, the notebook consumes a mere five watts of energy.

Thanks to an additional 35 percent battery capacity, the MacBook is capable of iPad-style, all-day life, which Schiller claims equates to nine hours of wireless web browsing and 10 hours of iTunes movie playback.

The 12-inch MacBook also includes 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, and exactly as rumored, a single USB-C port capable of USB, DisplayPort, AC power, HDMI, or VGA connections. The cable is only a third of the size of regular USB cables, and like Apple’s own Lightning cable, is also reversible as well.

Available in Silver, Space Grey, and Gold, the 12-inch MacBook will be available April 10, with a starting price of 99 for 8GB RAM and 256GB SDD storage.

The new MacBook joins the existing MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lineup rather than replacing one of them. The current lineup will also be upgraded with fifth-generation Intel Core processors and Thunderbolt 2, and those upgrades will be available starting today.

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