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Apple Daily: Apple Releases Major Updates for Both Mac OS X and iOS 8

It’s apparently patch day at Apple, and the Cupertino company has loosed major updates for both Max OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 out into the wild. In today’s Apple Daily, we go over the highlights of each.

Apple Releases OS X 10.10.3, and the Full Release for Photos for Mac

So long, Aperture. Today Apple released the long-awaited OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 patch, which brings the long-awaited Photos for OS X to Apple’s desktop line. The program marks a bit of a halfway point between the tool-rich Aperture and the comparatively bare-bones design of iPhoto. Still, it excels in other areas, such as in an impressive auto-fix feature, and an iOS-like option to keep full-res versions of photos on your Mac and low-res copies available for preview.

The update also brings a detailed emoji picker that allows you to change the skintone of various emoji for the sake of racial diversity, as well as support for Google two-step authentication, which should remove most of the need to enter passwords for specific apps such as Calendar and Gmail.

According to Apple, the update also:

- Adds Spotlight suggestions to Look up
– Prevents Safari from saving website favicon URLs used in Private Browsing
– Improves stability and security in Safari
– Improves WiFi performance and connectivity in various usage scenarios
– Improves compatibility with captive Wi-Fi network environments
– Fixes an issue that may cause Bluetooth devices to disconnect
– Improves screen sharing reliability

Apple Releases iOS 8.3

Today iOS 8.3 is also available for download, and it’s a hefty update full of features that could greatly enhance the experience of using an iPhone or iPad depending on where you’re from and how you use your devices. Among the most notable additions are racially diverse emoji as with the Mac update, new languages for Siri, two-factor authentication for Google, and a whole truckload of bug fixes.

The racially diverse emoji specifically pertain to the “human”-type emojis that show runners, swimmers, and the like, and you can now adjust them to show most every skin tone you prefer. The update also brings Turkish, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Thai support to Siri, in addition to a New Zealand localization option for English speakers.

The patch also allows you to set up CarPlay more easily over a wireless connection, and if you’re in China, rejoice — you can now use Apple Pay in your country as of the update.

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