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Apple Daily: iPhone Still #1 Phone in U.S.; Nintendo on iOS Update

In today’s Apple Daily, Nintendo finally reveals a timetable of sorts for its mobile game releases, but we might end up waiting a while for them. Also, Apple widens its lead as America’s favorite smartphone manufacturer, and experts say the Apple Watch’s heart-rate monitor is quite accurate, to the point that it even matches up with “EKG accurate” devices.

Nintendo to Release Five Mobile Games By 2017

Thanks to Nintendo’s partnership deal with mobile game maker DeNA, the age of Nintendo-created iOS games is almost upon us. Unfortunately, the games won’t come quickly. Nintendo stated during its financial results briefing earlier today that the company plans to release a mere five smartphone titles by March of 2017.

Nintendo acknowledged that this seems like a small number, but it emphasized that it believed that simply taking The Legend of Zelda and porting it to iOS “wouldn’t match the playstyle of smart devices.” In addition, Nintendo claims it wants “to make every title a hit,” with the implication that simply porting The Legend of Zelda wouldn’t achieve that.

When we first reported on Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA back in March, there was a lot of worry that the resulting games wouldn’t feel like Nintendo games because DeNA would be responsible for the actual development. Yet it turns out that there’s a welcome twist. Hideki Konno, the man behind Nintendogs and Mario Kart 8, will actually be heading the development of DeNA’s Nintendo games. Considering that Mario Kart 8 now commands an 88 rating on Metacritic (and a 9.1 user rating), that can’t be a bad thing.


Apple Widens Lead as Most Popular Smartphone Maker in U.S.

Apple continues to ride the strength of strong iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales, and now the devices have helped the Apple widen its lead as America’s most popular smartphone maker. According to a new report from comScore, the iPhone market share bumped up from 41.6 percent in December 2014 to 42.6 percent in March 2015.

The numbers are a little different when operating systems are factored in as opposed to manufacturers. iOS’s 42.6 percent market share still lags behind the 52.4 percent commanded by Android, while Windows, Blackberry, and Symbian managed to snag a mere 5 percent total. And yes, that’s all three of them combined.

The study also indicated the most popular apps, and Facebook’s presence on an astonishing 69.5 percent of smartphones easily makes it the king. YouTube occupied second place with 55.9 percent.


Apple Watch’s Heart-Rate Monitor Essentially ‘EKG Accurate’

The Apple Watch has a heart-rate monitor; that much we know. But according to Brad Larson, the founder of SonoPlot, it’s a really good heart-rate monitor, too. Larson took the data from his Apple Watch and compared it to readings from the Mio Alpha heart-rate monitor, which has been “tested EKG accurate at performance speeds.”

The Mio Alpha takes readings every three seconds while the Apple Watch takes only takes readings every five seconds, but the results, Larson found, are almost identical. In other words, even though the Apple Watch doesn’t have clearance from the FDA as a medical device, Larson’s tests show it comes darn close.

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