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Apple Daily: 90 Days of Free Apple Music; AT&T-Subsidized iPhones; Same-Day Delivery

In today’s Apple Daily, Apple is said to be preparing to launch its music streaming service with the option of trying it for 90 days for free. Meanwhile, there’s good news and bad news at the Apple Online Store: all AT&T subsidized iPhones with two-year plans have been removed, but same-day delivery is now offered for some purchases.

Apple’s Rumored Streaming Music Service Said to Offer 90 Free Days

Apple’s long awaited music streaming program is still thought to appear during next week’s keynote, and in preparation, Financial Times has some insider information outlining what we can expect. Based on what they’ve heard, Apple will abandon the Beats Music name, but rather than adopt iTunes branding, it will go with the previously rumored “Apple Music.” Furthermore, it will allow customers to enjoy the service for free for three months before requiring a .99 monthly subscription.

That’s a generous offer, especially considering that Apple’s competitors offer a mere 30 days before requiring payment. iTunes Radio will likely also be renamed in the process, as Apple allegedly plans to trumpet its service as a way of making up for the absence of a free tier in the style of Spotify. As mentioned in previous news briefs, Apple is supposedly hoping the revamped iTunes Radio will appeal to customers outside the U.S., who’ll then buy Apple Music’s full streaming subscription after discovering new music through the radio service.

Both the new music streaming service and the revamped iTunes Radio are expected to be a part of the new Music app, which’ll hopefully see for the first time next week.


Option for AT&T-Subsidized iPhones Removed From Apple Online Store

AT&T has supported the iPhone for longer than any other carrier, but changes went into effect today that could send even the most loyal customers into the arms of rival carriers. As of last night, Apple no longer provides the option to buy subsidized phones with two-year plans from the carrier through the Apple Online Store — instead, you’ll have to buy it through AT&T’s “Next” financing plan.

It’s important to note that this move isn’t only directed at Apple; it also affects all of AT&T’s other supported smartphones as well. AT&T CEO of mobile and business solutions Ralph de la Vega spoke of the shift to Re/code on Tuesday, but at the time he said that subsidized phones with two-year plans would go away “slowly,” and “not because we insist on it but because customers will choose it less often.” Well, just a couple of days later, it seems as though they’ve insisted on it in some cases.

Under the Next plan, customers purchase the new phone for down and continue to make monthly payments on it until the phone is paid off in full at the end of 12,18, or 24 months. Once the phone is paid off, customers are allowed to purchase a new phone under the plan, and the cycle begins anew. On the bright side, you’ll still be able to buy the subsidized phones through AT&T’s websites, AT&T’s own retail stores, other dealers, and through customer service. For now, anyway. Based on the changes implemented last night, that could change at any time.

If you do end up going with the Next plan, here’s what you can expect to pay for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus:

iPhone 6
– 16GB: From .64/month
– 64GB: From .97/month
– 128GB: From .30/month

iPhone 6 Plus
– 16GB: From .97/month
– 64GB: From .30/month
– 128GB: From .64/month


Apple Brings Same-Day Delivery to Online Store

But let’s say you do want that shiny new iPhone from AT&T (or any other carrier, for that matter) from the Apple Online Store. Starting today, thanks to Apple’s partnership with delivery firm Postmates, you can get the device delivered on the same day (provided you live in certain zip codes).

As 9to5Mac first noticed, if you live in one of the areas where Postmates operates, you’ll see a new delivery option at checkout for “courier delivery,” through which you can get your new device within four hours.

The option has been available since last month via the Apple Store app for the iPhone and iPad, but this marks the first time Apple has offered the service through its direct web store. The service costs , which makes it just more expensive than the expedited next-day delivery option.

As a small catch, keep in mind that the list of supported zip codes remains comparatively small, as it the list of supported qualifying products from the Apple Online Store itself. The option also still seems to be in the final stages of rollout, as it reportedly hasn’t appeared in the listings for all known Postmates-supported zip codes and cities.

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