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Apple Daily: Music Streaming, Retail Apple Watches Coming Soon; $100K Apple I

In today’s Apple Daily, a new report claims that Apple’s long-rumored streaming music service may be just a week away, a San Francisco Bay area woman drops off a 0,000 Apple I at a local recycling center, and Apple sends out a video to retail employees informing them to prepare for the imminent Apple Watch retail launch.

WSJ: Apple’s Music Streaming Service to Debut Next Week

Following months of speculation stretching all the way back to Apple’s highly publicized acquisition of Beats Music, The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple will unveil its long-awaited streaming music service at WWDC next week. The service won’t include a Spotify-style free tier, however, and it’s said to require a subscription of per month.

The absence of a free tier isn’t too surprising considering Apple’s alleged attempts to get Spotify and others to get rid of theirs, but Apple’s reasoning is apparently that its customers already get free music through iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio itself is said to be getting some love in the form of special channels created by DJs, such as former BBC Radio DJ Zane Lowe.

The emphasis on radio is primarily aimed at users outside the United States, the report says, in the hopes that said users will use iTunes Radio if they don’t have access to Pandora, which, in turn, could possibly lead to a subscription to Apple’s streaming service.

Also notable is Apple’s alleged emphasis on the service, which goes so deep that the company will reportedly encourage you to subscribe to the service in iTunes if you were in the process of buying an album instead.

The report claims that Apple still hasn’t secured deals with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, or Warner Music Group, but deals with these companies are thought to be completed soon. That’s a big chunk of the music industry, though, and the delay could mean that we’ll only hear an announcement at WWDC. Getting our hands on the service, unfortunately, could take a while longer.


Apple Watch Retail Launch Coming Soon

After weeks of constrained supplies that led to the Apple Watch being sold exclusively online, the Apple Watch is at last on the verge of coming to the company’s retail stores. As 9to5Mac reports, a new video from Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts was sent out to Apple retail employees today informing them of the imminent in-store launch, and telling them that they need to be “above and beyond ready.” Jim Bean, Apple’s vice president of retail operations, also spoke for a bit about a new “Reserve and Pickup” feature.


With Reserve and Pickup, customers interested in the Apple Watch will be able to log on to Apple’s website every day at 8:00 a.m. their time to see if their local Apple Store has watches in stock. They’ll then be able to go to the store and pick it up in person on the same day. The report also claims that customers will also be able to place reservations for Apple Watches that aren’t yet in stock.

“This is our moment to shine, this will be a launch unlike any we’ve ever had before,” Ahrendts said, noting that employees should take the time to review their Apple training materials. “This is what you were born to do, this is why you are at Apple.”

The video doesn’t specify the actual launch date, but it’s widely believed to be sometime this month. Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a meeting in China that the retail Apple Watch launch would occur in June for all “wave one” countries.


SF Bay Area Widow Drops Off a 0,000 Apple I at Recycling Firm

If you’re a woman in the San Francisco Bay area who dumped off several boxes of electronic equipment at the Clean Bay Area recycling center because you wanted to “get rid of stuff” after your husband died, there’s a big surprise waiting for you. One of the items in those boxes was one of the only 200 Apple I units ever made, and it sold for 0,000. And get this — the company wants to split half of it with you.

Another Apple I that sold at Bonhams last year. 

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the woman stopped by on a Friday just before closing time. Victor Gichun, the vice president of Clean Bay Area, claims that it’s company policy to gave half of the proceeds from such sales to the owner.

Don’t think you can just walk in and claim it for yourself if you’re a woman and you own an SUV, though — Gichun claims that he remembers the woman’s face and her SUV. All he needs to do is see her come through the door again.

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