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Apple Daily: Two-Finger Touchpad on iPhone; Details Emerge from Apple Employee Lawsuit

Apple’s two-finger trackpad option isn’t just coming to the iPad, it turns out: we’ll also be getting it on the iPhone. In addition, some new details emerge about a failed class action lawsuit against Apple from last year.

Two-Finger Trackpad Shortcut Coming to iPhone As Well As iPad

One of the niftier features announced for the iPad during the WWDC keynote was the ability to turn the iPad’s digital keyboard into a trackpad by tapping on it with two fingers at once. Apple didn’t say as much during the presentation itself (likely on account of all the information they needed to get out), but developers with current access to iOS 9 have noticed that the feature will be coming to the iPhone as well (via Cult of Mac).


The feature is aimed at increasing productivity on the devices, as you can use it to copy and paste text and bold, italicize, and underline words more easily. The feature was announced along with some other multitasking features, such as the long-awaited ability to view two apps at once on the iPad.


Tim Cook on Employee Bag Checks: ‘Is This True?’

News surfaced late last year that a few Apple retail employees had started a class-action lawsuit against Apple arguing that the employees were responsible for wages lost while they had to endure mandatory bag checks while leaving, but it was shot down following another ruling favorable to Amazon. Now, however, papers from the suit have come to light (via Reuters), and they reveal a better picture of the story behind it.

In Amazon’s case, the Supreme Court ruled that the employees couldn’t demand wages for the search time because it was not a part of the job they were being paid to do. As a result, the judge involved with Apple’s case threw it out because of the similar circumstances.

In the Apple case, however, Apple at least one employee noted the perceived indignity of the process, as the “procedures are often performed in front of gawking customers.” Apple’s workers, the employee in question argued, should be treated with the same respect that Apple affords its customers.

Now that the papers are unsealed, it appears that one of the employees behind the suit sent Apple CEO Tim Cook a personal e-mail about the practice, and Cook didn’t even seem to know it was a thing. When he forwarded the e-mail to the Cupertino company’s top retail and human resources executives, he simply asked, “Is this true?” No response to Cook was documented in the papers unveiled today.

Another e-mail was sent from Beijing to Cook as regards Apple’s employees there, where it was said Apple treats its employees like “animals” and thieves, even to the point of sealing off an emergency exit with Apple products. Cook’s responses to this aren’t on file, but Denise Young Smith, Apple’s vice president of human resources, is on record as saying, “If it is simply a deterrent there has to be a more intelligent and respectful way to approach.”

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