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WWDC 2015: Tons of New Features Coming to Apple Watch

The next iteration of Apple Watch’s operating system, called watchOS 2, will be bringing a wealth of new features to Apple’s recently released wearable. Kevin Lynch took the stage at WWDC 2015 to discuss enhancements such as new watch faces, including a Photo Album face and a Time-Lapse face, which displays 24-hour timelapse shots from different locations, all designed to sync with your local time. Many more features were announced — so many, in fact, that the presentation was comparatively scant on details.

Third-party developers are now allowed to make their own “complications” for watchOS 2 (such as flight times, car charge for electric cars, and sports scores), thus allowing more information on the screen at any given time. There’s now a feature called “Time Travel” as well, which lets you scroll forward in time and watch the relevant complications update.

There’s also now a Nightstand mode that lets you see the time while your phone is charging, and there’s also an alarm clock feature. Friends can now be added to the Digital Touch screen from the screen itself, and you can reply to an e-mail from your Apple Watch as well. Fitness apps can now run natively without needing to be tethered to the iPhone, you can use Siri to start workouts, and there’s even a new achievement section for celebrating exercise milestones.

Source: The Verge

Further Apple Watch nativization includes the ability to support store and loyalty cards for Apple Pay on the watch itself. HealthKit information can be displayed directly on the watch, and short videos can be played directly on the watch, too. In addition, Apple Watch will now provide transit directions (including mass transit). Siri can also control HomeKit appliances through the watch as well, and it can show you “glances” for various apps — yes, even if they’re not installed.

Lynch also announced some of the goodies for the watch, such as the way developers can access the microphone on the watch and play audio on the watch, in addition to the TapTic Engine and the device’s Accelerometer. They can also control the Digital Crown, thus giving them the ability to create custom UI elements.

Lynch ended his presentation with a demo of the various elements.

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