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Apple Daily: New iOS 9 Beta Highlights; Public Betas Coming; Apple Orders 85-90M iPhones

The latest beta for iOS 9 is here, and it’s a massive one with long-awaited features such as Apple Music (for iOS 9) and the News app, in addition to new features such as separate Photos folders for your selfies and screenshots. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, it appears that a public beta isn’t too far away. In addition, Apple is reportedly ordering a record number of iPhones for September’s launch.

Apple Releases iOS 9 Third Beta, Bringing a Wealth of New Features

Apple today released the third beta for IOS 9 into the hands of developers earlier today, and it’s full of both new features and previously announced features that are making their way into the developer release for the first time. Many developers have already had their hands on the system for a few hours now, and the following is a rundown of what they’ve discovered so far.

Apple Music at last comes to the operating system as of the update, which was originally kept out of the iOS 9 beta in the wake of the official launch for iOS 8. The update also marks the first iOS 9 appearance of the revamped News app, which was first announced at this year’s WWDC but which has been under the radar for several weeks. The app is said to tailor your content based on the content you like to read, making it sort of like Apple Music’s “For You” feature but with an emphasis on written material.

Source: Cult of Mac

The Photos app also gets some love with the update in the form of separate automatic folders for both selfies and screenshots. Now, whenever you take a photo with the front-facing camera, it’ll go into the selfie folder, and when you take a screenshot, it’ll go into the proper folder as well.

Other features aim to provide a more customized and streamlined experience, such as an option to make Siri vibrate when activated instead of making a “ding” sound when the phone is on silent mode. Now, when you swipe down on the Home Screen to activate the search feature, you’ll also see app recommendations based on the apps you use most often. In addition, Apple also introduced an improved version of two-factor authentication for both iOS 9 and Mac OS X El Capitan that’s steadily being rolled out to beta users while Apple’s smooths out some of the kinks.

Rounding off the known changes are new labels for actions in the Mail app when you swipe left on a message, and there’s a new limit of 16 apps for iPad folders thanks to a boost to a 4×4 grid, which marks a significant improvement over the previous limit of nine with the 3×3 grid.


iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan Public Betas on the Way

At present, if you’d like to try out any of iOS 9′s new features, you have to be a member of Apple’s developer program. But that’s likely about to change soon, as Apple claims in the support notes for the tweaked two-factor authentication feature mentioned above that it’s specifically designed for the “the public betas of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan” (via MacRumors).

This seems in line with Apple’s statements during WWDC that public betas for the operating systems would be available in July. It’s not known exactly when those public betas will hit, but the very existence of the support page and its frequent references to the public betas suggest it should be soon.


Apple Said to Have Ordered 85-90 Million iPhones for Next Launch

The massive, stunning sales of both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have apparently given the Cupertino company a similarly massive boost of confidence, as a new report from The Wall Street Journal claims that Apple will be ordering a jaw-dropping 85-90 million units of the so-called iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus for launch. If that number doesn’t impress you, consider that Apple only ordered 70-80 million iPhones for last year’s launch.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and friends are obviously hoping to avoid yet another iPhone shortage situation, although it’s shaky timing considering that the next generation is quite likely to be one of Apple’s “S” releases — in other words, a release that’s mainly focused on improving the internal components of the device it released the previous year.

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