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Apple Daily: No Apple TV Service This Year; iPad as Work Tool; Apple Music Fixes

Once again the rumor mill is claiming that we won’t see Apple’s streaming TV service next month, and this time it appears final. Elsewhere, Apple is trying to make the iPad more appealing to business customers, and there’s a new patch out addressing some of the bigger problems with iOS 8′s Apple Music app.

No Apple TV Service in September; New Apple TV Likely a Go

Apple’s negotiations for its long-rumored streaming TV service continue to run into complications, and thus a new report from Bloomberg claims that we won’t see the service at Apple’s expected September 9 event. For that, we’ll probably have to wait until 2016. On the bright side, the report claims that we will, in fact, see the long-awaited refresh for Apple TV at the event.

Rumors of the sort have been floating around for a while, but considering Bloomberg’s credibility on such matters, this is the closest we’ve come to an official confirmation. The report notes that talks with major networks such as CBS and 21st Century Fox are progressing (although at a glacial pace).

A bit surprisingly, some of the hesitation comes from Apple itself, as the report claims the Cupertino company isn’t sure if it currently has the network capacity needed to deliver a quality viewing experience. As Bloomberg says, “Such a network requires storing popular shows close to viewers, so each time a customer in New York for example wants to see local baseball game or the evening news, the shows don’t have to be streamed all the way from one of Apple’s four data centers in California, Nevada, North Carolina, and Oregon.”

In addition, the Cupertino company is also struggling with the right mix of channels to complement the rumored monthly charge. That’s a small problem, of course, compared to the business of convincing the networks that they’ll make as much money or more with the service as they do with the traditional cable companies.


Apple Working to Improve iPad’s Business Appeal

The iPad may no longer be the force it once was, but Apple isn’t letting its tablet go down without a fight. According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino company is working with more than 40 tech companies in order to make the device more desirable to business professionals.

It’s possible to get an idea of the direction Apple has in mind from some of the names involved in the project. Accounting giant Xero is working with Apple, for instance, and so is Revel Systems, best known for their digital cash registers. Above all, Apple wants to make sure all of the business apps involved are compatible with each other — a notion that recalls Apple’s work with IBM to create a wide range of enterprise-related apps.

The Journal touched on Apple’s participation in the process: “Apple reviews the partners’ apps and offers detailed suggestions, down to which words should be shaded in gray.” Apple is reportedly calling the initative the “mobility partner program (MPP)” within its own ranks, but it’s also discouraging its roughly 40 partners from using the same term. Already is seems as though the program might impact the company’s future far beyond the need to sell a few more iPads.

“Thanks to the partnership, an Apple ally got the company on the phone with an iPad business customer that had never heard from an Apple representative,” the report days. “And Apple has played match maker by encouraging makers of complementary programs such as employee scheduling software and digital cash register systems to create interconnected apps.”


Apple Music-Focused Patch Released for iOS 8

If you’ve been frustrated with some aspects of the new Apple Music app for iOS, you’ll be happy to know that the Cupertino company released an update today in the form of iOS 8.4.1 that addresses some of the bigger issues. Most notably, it fixes a particularly annoying issue that was keeping some users from seeing their iCloud music libraries.

Other fixes abound. Now, for instance, you’ll no longer have to worry about music added from Apple Music not showing up because the device was set to show offline music only. You can also add songs to a new playlist if there isn’t an existing playlist to choose from, and you apparently won’t have to worry about the wrong artwork showing up for certain albums.

Rounding off the update is a fix for the issue that was keeping some artists from posting to Connect, and a fix for a bug that was keeping users from being able to click on the “Love” option while listening to Beats 1.

If you want to get the patch, simply head to Settings > General > Software Update on your iOS device.

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