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Apple Daily: 21.5″ 4K iMac, Steve Jobs Movie Screening; Apple Music Needs ‘Homework’

The talk of the town may be all about the next iPhones and Apple TV, but a new report came in today claiming that we’ll get an impressive new iMac in November. Elsewhere, we’ll get to see just how good Danny Boyle’s upcoming Steve Jobs biopic is this weekend, and an Apple executive admits that parts of Apple Music still need some work.

Apple Rumored to Announce 21.5″ 4K iMac in October

Most speculation surrounding Apple’s future product releases is currently focused on the company’s big media event next Wednesday, but sources who spoke with 9to5Mac allegedly know that the Cupertino company also plans to announce a 21.5-inch iMac with a 4K display toward the end of October. If that sounds familiar, it’s because clues regarding the existence of the device were found lurking in the code for OS X El Capitan back in June. The sources claim the unit will go out to stores in November.

As a recap, the discovered code suggests that the device will have a resolution of 4096 x 2304. In addition, it hinted that the new iMac will likely contain a Broadwell processor and the associated Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 chipset and AMD Radeon M380 – M395X graphics.


Steve Jobs Biopic to Show at Film Festival This Weekend

Just a few days ago, it seemed certain that Danny Boyle’s new Steve Jobs biopic would debut at the New York Film Festival on October 3, but today Entertainment Weekly reported that the film will actually have its first public screening at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado this weekend. That’s a whole month ahead of the previously announced screening, which means that Boyle must be really proud of his work here as this gives critics more than enough time to tear the thing apart ahead of the wide release if it’s bad.

Currently, it’s not known when exactly the festival will show the film; right now, we know only that it’ll happen sometime over Labor Day weekend. Director Danny Boyle will also receive a “Silver Medallion Award” from the festival in honor of his “significant contribution to the world of cinema,” and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will even be in town to see how well Seth Rogen depicts him on screen.


Apple Admits It Has ‘Homework’ to Do Regarding Apple Music

Apple is on the verge of bringing Apple Music to Android this fall, according to a new story from The Guardian, but the report is particularly noteworthy for iTunes executive Oliver Schusser’s admission that Apple still has “a bit of homework to be done” with the service. Schusser was specifically speaking about Apple Music Connect, the service’s social network where artists can interact with their fans, but his other statements make it clear that he believes it applies to other aspects of the service as well.

“There’s a lot of work going into making the product better. Our focus is on editorial and playlists, and obviously we have teams all around the world working on that, but we’re also adding features and cleaning up certain things,” Schusser told The Guardian.

Over 11 million people reportedly signed up for the free trial for the service, but it’s not clear at this point how many will stick around once the first free trials end toward the end of this month. Even Jim Dalymple of The Loop, well-known for his insider info regarding the workings of Apple, threw up his hands and announced in a July post that “Apple Music is a nightmare and I’m done with it.” Schusser also took the occasion to point out that iTunes, his own area of the business, is still doing just fine with a download model in the wake of all this streaming music talk:

“If you follow the industry and look at the numbers, the download business has been really, really healthy,” Schusser said. “iTunes is a big part of our business, still, and will continue to be, so we focus just as much time and energy on maintaining that, editorially and working on features.”

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