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Apple Daily: ‘Negative’ Steve Jobs Documentary Out; Star Wars Droid Toy in Apple Stores

Alex Gibney’s Steve Jobs documentary hits a few theaters throughout the U.S. today, and it shows a bleak portrait of Steve Jobs that the people who were closest to him aren’t that happy with. In other news, you know that cool spherical droid seen in the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie? You can now get it in Apple retail stores.

Alex Gibney’s Steve Jobs Documentary Hits Theaters Today

It’s a good weekend for moviegoers looking for different perspectives on the kind of man Steve Jobs was (provided, that it, they have plane tickets to Colorado already on hand). Today marks the theater and view-on-demand release of Alex Gibney’s Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine documentary, which caused no small amount of controversy at SXSW earlier this year for its unrelenting focus on Steve Jobs’ bad side.

As we reported yesterday, Danny Boyle’s highly anticipated Steve Jobs biopic will also be publicly shown for the the first time sometime this weekend at Colorado’s Telluride Film Festival. Boyle’s film, while depicting some of Jobs’ harsher qualities, also seems to do a good job of showing what made him great.

Gibney’s documentary has a rather limited release, considering that it’s only being shown in 65 theaters in 50 markets (via Deadline). It apparently isn’t bad as it earned a 75 percent rating on movie review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, but it has also received substantial criticism for only depicting one side of Jobs. Some of the most vocal criticisms come from Apple executives such as Eddie Cue, who walked out of the SXSW theater claiming that it was “an inaccurate and mean-spirited view of my friend” and that it wasn’t a “reflection of the Steve I knew.”

You’ll most likely be able to see it in theaters if you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York, but you can also watch it on view-on-demand through services such as Apple’s own iTunes, Xbox, and the PlayStation Store.


Star Wars Droid BB-8 Now For Sale in Apple Stores

The Apple Store now has the perfect gift for the Apple fan who’s also a Star Wars fan in the form of a new remote-controlled robot based on the droid BB-8 from the upcoming J.J. Abrams film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s also a stellar debut toy for today’s designation as “Force Friday,” the first day when officially licensed merchandise for the film goes on sale.

The BB-8 toy comes from Sphero, which has garnered substantial recognition for manufacturing “robotic balls” in the past. In fact, the company was heavily involved the the creation of the actual BB-8 droid used in the film, which many viewers of the original trailer thought was made from CGI owing to its construction from two seemingly unconnected pieces.

The range of things you can do with the toy are impressive, and it isn’t just limited to manually controlling it. You can, for instance, use your iPhone to put him on a patrol mode where he wanders around on his own, or you can get BB-8 to follow you or follow routes you’ve designed for him ahead of time. Users can also control him through voice commands on their iPhones, and BB-8 reportedly develops and attitude based on how you’ve been interacting with him.

You can buy BB-8 for 9.99 from the Apple Store for from Sphero itself starting today. And you just gotta love their tagline for the toy: “This is the droid you’re looking for.”

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