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Apple Special Event: Apple Announces New Bands, Apps, Colors for Apple Watch

Today’s highly anticipated “Hey, Siri” event kicked off today (preceded by some music from Beats 1, which was a nice change of pace) after Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company would have “monster announcements” across several product lines.

Cook started off with some news about the Apple Watch, pointing out that many customers “love” using the device, to the point that he claims that customer satisfaction is at “90 percent.” After that brief introduction, Jeff Williams, SVP of operations, came on the stage to talk about the Apple Watch in greater detail.

Williams started off his segment of the presentation by talking about the third-party “complications” announced back during WWDC’s discussion of watchOS 2 — the features that tell additional information on your watchface. He also took the opportunity to very briefly show off a few third-party apps for the Apple Watch, such as ones from GoPro and Facebook Messenger. Williams also spoke about home-grown apps such as iTranslate and Transit for navigation.

Source: WSJ

Williams then invited Dr. Cameron Powell from AirStrip to take the stage to talk about the AirStrip app, a health app that fits well with some of those early rumors we heard about the Apple Watch. It’s specifically aimed at healthcare providers, and it lets them view their patients’ schedules and see their patients’ vital information through their Apple Watch interface. That includes the ability to monitor heart rates, and Powell demonstrated that it’s even possible to use the app to differentiate a baby’s heart rate from that of her mother. By using the crown on the side of the device, a health care professional can scan through a patient’s’ vital history.

Williams took then took the stage again to announce that the Apple Watch would also comes in the expected rose gold color option in addition to a regular gold option. The expected new bands for the Apple Watch Sport also made an appearance with widely different colors, in addition to a new (Product) Red band.

Apple is also working with Hermes to release a new leather band option for the Apple Watch with three different style options. The Hermes bands will be in Apple Stores in October, he said.

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