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Mac|Life #101 Now Available!

Smell that fresh aroma in the air? It’s New Mac|Life Magazine Day! Head to your local bookstore to grab a copy of issue #101 on glorious, glossy paper, or download the dazzling digital edition via your virtual outlet of choice — the Apple Newsstand version is fully interactive on iPad! (You’ll also be able to order a print copy here, if not now, then in the very near future.)

Just in time for its release in a few short weeks, this issue features a hefty cover story on Apple’s latest piece of lust-worthy tech, the Apple Watch. If you want to know how to use the long-awaited wearable and what you’ll be using it for, then you’ll want to check out this feature. In addition, the issue contains a feature on how to best use your Mac in conjunction with your iOS device, plus a thorough article on how to upgrade your Mac with, for example, better RAM or a new hard drive. All that plus plenty of how-tos, news, reviews, columns, and other Apple-related goodness!


Mac|Life #100 Now Available!

That’s right — Mac|Life magazine has hit its 100th issue! This milestone edition is now available physically at better retailers everywhere, as well as digitally on Apple Newsstand and through other distributors such as Kindle. Not only does the magazine look at how the Apple landscape has changed over the last 100 issues, but it also features a thorough guide to Mac — covering OS tips, keyboard shortcuts, tricks to make your Mac run faster, and more — and the introduction of two new columnists, plus an all-new batch of reviews, features, how-tos, and other goodies! You can also order the issue here!


Mac|Life’s March 2015 Issue Now Available

Good news, Apple fans! The latest issue of Mac|Life magazine is now available at better retailers everwhere. Available in physical form on 100% authentic paper, as well as digitally on Apple Newsstand (including an enhanced interactive version for iPad), Kindle, and other virtual storefronts, the March 2015 issue is packed with Mac and iOS news, reviews, how-tos, and features, including an expanded look at the hidden capabilities of Yosemite, a report on Apple Watch apps, and an examination of what Apple has in store for the rest of 2015. Plus the latest word on cool apps, hot tech, and more!


Rumor: Many Color Choices Available for ‘Budget’ iPhones

Keep in mind that we’re still in the realm of rumor here, but it’s looking more and more like there might be truth to those reports of a plastic iPhone aimed at emerging markets after all. We’ve yet to get any kind of confirmation on this issue from Apple itself, but according to Japanese blog Macotakara, we might be seeing a limited test run of 1,000 units in June, and in a plethora of colors to boot. If that goes well, we might start seeing them in stores later this year.

According to various unnamed sources that spoke with Macotakara, the budget iPhone will come in a wide variety of colors. What those colors are isn’t exactly clear due to conflicting reports from the sources, but taken together, the rumors suggest that the phones will come in navy blue, gold, gray, pink, green, blue, yellow, and orange. What’s notable about this list is the absence of a black option, which we at Mac|Life suspect Apple will retain for the higher-end versions available now.

Allegedly the so-called iPhone 5S will also come in green and gold variations, with the possibility of additional variations modeled after the current offerings for the iPod Touch. Aside from the color changes, though, the new iPhone will supposedly look similar to the existing iPhone 5, with the addition of a dual-LED flash and alterations to the rear microphone. Macotakara also passed along the rumor that the iPad 5 will have a new rear microphone as well.

Considering the wide assortment of colors available for the entire iPod line, the idea of multiple color variations for the iPhone doesn’t sound inconceivable (although the concept art Macotakara supplied doesn’t make them look too appealing). In addition, the news is well in line with other recent rumors, such as BGR’s allegedly leaked photos of multicolored SIM trays for the next iPhone.

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FaceTime, Other Video Chat Apps Available to All AT&T Users By Year’s End

In a stunning shift from their previous stances on mobile video chat, AT&T announced to The Verge today that it plans to extend cellular use of Apple’s FaceTime to all users in the coming weeks, particularly those who aren’t covered by the new tiered plans it introduced last year. By the end of the year, AT&T plans to allow video chat apps over its network for all customers with LTE devices regardless of the platform.

In AT&T’s own words, “For video chat apps that come pre-loaded on devices, we currently give all OS and device makers the ability for those apps to work over cellular for our customers who are on Mobile Share or Tiered plans. Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry have chosen to enable this for their pre-loaded video chat apps. And by mid-June, we’ll have enabled those apps over cellular for our unlimited plan customers who have LTE devices from those three manufacturers.”

Apparently AT&T’s already at work extending the services to users with data plans that predate its new tiered plans. 9to5 Mac recently reported that users with older plans from all over Twitter are reporting that FaceTime was now enabled on their phones.

This marks a significant departure from AT&T’s previous decision that we reported on back in August, which stated that only users with a MobileShare plan could use FaceTime without a WiFi connection ready. To put it lightly, AT&T’s plan was met with hostility. Angry users threatened to file complaints with the Federal Communications Commission out of the conviction that AT&T’s plan violated net neutrality, and the FCC announced its plans to take any such allegations seriously. By January, AT&T had backed down and allowed video chat for free to anyone under the new tiered plans.

Not a fan of FaceTime? Don’t worry; based on AT&T’s wording, it looks as though you’ll be able to use alternatives such as Google’s Hangouts app as well.

UPDATE: Shortly after press time, we were able to confirm that FaceTime over LTE worked with an AT&T iPhone 5 using an older plan.

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