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With Trade-In Program, Best Buy Offers Free iPhone 5 Units Tomorrow Only

If you’ve been looking for a good reason to trade in your iPhone 4 or 4s for an iPhone 5, you’ll have a hard time finding a better deal than Best Buy’s promotion for Saturday–provided, that is, you meet the requirements. According to CNet, when you bring in your activated iPhone 4 or 4s into a physical Best Buy store tomorrow, you’ll get a 0 credit toward the purchase of a new iPhone 5, essentially making it a free trade.

This comes on the heels of the news that Best Buy lowered the price of the iPhone 5 to 0 for the 16 GB models. Under Best Buy’s one-day offer, the only charges you’ll have to pay are those for any applicable sales tax or activation fees. To qualify, you’ll need to activate a two-year contract with either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, and you need to be eligible for an upgrade. That, and you’ll need to visit the store in person. The offer will only be available tomorrow, Saturday, June 1.

Still, there may be better alternatives available. A representative from Gazelle contacted us this morning, informing us that the online recommerce company is offering 0 for used iPhone 4 models and 5 for used iPhone 4s units. Under Gazelle’s model, they send you a prepaid box to send your iPhone to them, after which they follow up with a check to be used toward a new model.

The main difference is the wait involved (assuming you’re already close to a Best Buy location), although Gazelle also pointed out that their approach appeals to consumers who aren’t always ready to give away their previous phone models once they purchase a new one.

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Angry Birds Space Free on App Store for Next Seven Days

With stellar followups like Angry Birds Space, developer Rovio has once again proven that its bird-flinging saga has every reason to deserve its status as the unofficial poster child of mobile gaming, and for the next week, you can download it for free for both the iPhone and the iPad. Considering that it reached 10 million downloads in the first three days after its release last year, there’s a good chance you already have it.

Angry Birds Space follows the eponymous birds into space, where they now have to contend with the gravitational pull of planets rather than boring ol’ earth gravity as they did in the first release. We reviewed it last year, and while we found that it takes awhile to get moving, the second half presents quite a challenge, as do the new boss fights scattered throughout the playthrough. Since then, Angry Birds Space has witnessed several updates that helped to remedy our initial concerns, and now it ranks as the most downloaded app of all time.

The timing couldn’t have been better. Earlier this year famed guitarist Slash teamed up with Rovio to create a rocking new theme song for Angry Birds Space, which now comes with all versions of the game. With the latest update, there’s also an honorary Angry Bird modeled after Slash in the game itself. Slash had previously announced his love for the game in a tweet from 2010, which allegedly served as the basis for the collaboration.

Angry Birds Space for the iPhone is normally priced 99 cents. The HD version for the iPad is normally priced at .99.


Deals: Convert Audiobooks for Free

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Most people have plenty of music on their computer, but it’s capable of much more. The evolution of book publishing has not only moved print to a digital realm but has also created a refreshed demand for audiobooks. User your Mac to manage all your audiobooks and make sure they are in the proper format with the Mac Audiobook Converter from Ondesoft. It’s available for free right now in our Deals tab.

Ondesoft’s Mac Audiobook Converter can handle any audiobook file and make it compatible for your Mac. Strip out the restrictive DRM that can make managing the files a pain and convert the file into any format you prefer. It will make your audiobook experience customized for your needs.

The Ondesoft Mac Audiobook Converter usually retails for . It’s currently available for free in our Deals tab right now. You’re not going to get a better deal than that, so get it while you can!


Download Three Cool Apps for Free Tomorrow at AppyFridays

Tomorrow AppyFridays will offer three usually paid apps for free as a part of their April Awesomeness promotion, with this weekend’s selection covering search engine customization, unit conversion, and photo editing. This marks the last weekend of their free app promotion for April, but AppyFridays also announced that we’ll see more great deals in May.

Bundles like this are a regular sight on AppyFridays, where the apps themselves run the gamut from simple photo enhancers to useful (and often pricey) video and audio editors. This weekend, you can grab Phlo, Converto, and FX Photo Studio HD for the low, low price of free.

Of course, if you visit the actual App Store, you’ll see that FX Photo Studio HD is already free in celebration of the app’s 1 millionth download for the iPhone. Eventually the highly rated app will revert to its standard price of .99, but we’re told that visitors to AppyFriday will continue to find the highly rated photo editor for free every weekend.

One of the other offerings is Phlo, a relatively under-the-radar app for the Mac that allows you to search multiple search engines at once via a hotkey command. Normally priced at .99, Phlo comes with support for popular engines such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook, but its robust customization options allows you to include a wide range of other engines such as IMDb.

Rounding off the bundle is Converto for the Mac, which lives up to its name by allowing you to convert almost any unit of measurement into another. It’s the little details that make this .99 app a mandatory download, such as live updating for currency conversions and the option to keep it over all your other onscreen apps.

The apps will be available on AppyFridays starting tomorrow, and they’ll remain free until April 28.


Deals: Get One Month of Hulu Plus for Free!


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Great television creates great conversation. When you miss out on the watershed moments of a hit series, you end up walking around with your fingers in your ears to block out the spoilers. Stop keeping yourself from amazing entertainment. Enjoy instant access to current favorites and all-time classics from both television and the big screen with Hulu Plus. You can get one month of free access to the on-demand video service right now.

There is no better time than right now to start enjoying the unmatched capabilities of Hulu Plus. Critically acclaimed shows like “Community,” “The Following,” “New Girl,” and plenty more airing now and Hulu Plus allows you to stay up-to-date on your favorites. Classics like “Lost,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and Arrested Development” and films like “Good Will Hunting” and “Reservoir Dogs” are available any time, as well, so you never have to have a moment without great entertainment.

The normal cost of Hulu Plus is .99 a month, but you can try out the service and everything it has to offer for free for one month. Check out all the amazing content available, stream to your heart’s content, and never miss another moment of great TV or film again.

Please note that this free trial requires a credit card and is only available to new subscribers.



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