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Deals: Convert Audiobooks for Free

[This is an advertorial. Maclife gets a portion of each unit sold.]

Most people have plenty of music on their computer, but it’s capable of much more. The evolution of book publishing has not only moved print to a digital realm but has also created a refreshed demand for audiobooks. User your Mac to manage all your audiobooks and make sure they are in the proper format with the Mac Audiobook Converter from Ondesoft. It’s available for free right now in our Deals tab.

Ondesoft’s Mac Audiobook Converter can handle any audiobook file and make it compatible for your Mac. Strip out the restrictive DRM that can make managing the files a pain and convert the file into any format you prefer. It will make your audiobook experience customized for your needs.

The Ondesoft Mac Audiobook Converter usually retails for . It’s currently available for free in our Deals tab right now. You’re not going to get a better deal than that, so get it while you can!


Download Three Cool Apps for Free Tomorrow at AppyFridays

Tomorrow AppyFridays will offer three usually paid apps for free as a part of their April Awesomeness promotion, with this weekend’s selection covering search engine customization, unit conversion, and photo editing. This marks the last weekend of their free app promotion for April, but AppyFridays also announced that we’ll see more great deals in May.

Bundles like this are a regular sight on AppyFridays, where the apps themselves run the gamut from simple photo enhancers to useful (and often pricey) video and audio editors. This weekend, you can grab Phlo, Converto, and FX Photo Studio HD for the low, low price of free.

Of course, if you visit the actual App Store, you’ll see that FX Photo Studio HD is already free in celebration of the app’s 1 millionth download for the iPhone. Eventually the highly rated app will revert to its standard price of .99, but we’re told that visitors to AppyFriday will continue to find the highly rated photo editor for free every weekend.

One of the other offerings is Phlo, a relatively under-the-radar app for the Mac that allows you to search multiple search engines at once via a hotkey command. Normally priced at .99, Phlo comes with support for popular engines such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook, but its robust customization options allows you to include a wide range of other engines such as IMDb.

Rounding off the bundle is Converto for the Mac, which lives up to its name by allowing you to convert almost any unit of measurement into another. It’s the little details that make this .99 app a mandatory download, such as live updating for currency conversions and the option to keep it over all your other onscreen apps.

The apps will be available on AppyFridays starting tomorrow, and they’ll remain free until April 28.


Deals: Get One Month of Hulu Plus for Free!


[This is an advertorial. Maclife gets a portion of each unit sold.]

Great television creates great conversation. When you miss out on the watershed moments of a hit series, you end up walking around with your fingers in your ears to block out the spoilers. Stop keeping yourself from amazing entertainment. Enjoy instant access to current favorites and all-time classics from both television and the big screen with Hulu Plus. You can get one month of free access to the on-demand video service right now.

There is no better time than right now to start enjoying the unmatched capabilities of Hulu Plus. Critically acclaimed shows like “Community,” “The Following,” “New Girl,” and plenty more airing now and Hulu Plus allows you to stay up-to-date on your favorites. Classics like “Lost,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and Arrested Development” and films like “Good Will Hunting” and “Reservoir Dogs” are available any time, as well, so you never have to have a moment without great entertainment.

The normal cost of Hulu Plus is .99 a month, but you can try out the service and everything it has to offer for free for one month. Check out all the amazing content available, stream to your heart’s content, and never miss another moment of great TV or film again.

Please note that this free trial requires a credit card and is only available to new subscribers.



Chinese Website Offers Pirated Apps Using Apple’s Free Enterprise Tools

7659.comA Chinese website has found a loophole with Apple’s enterprise licensing tools which allows pirated apps to be side loaded onto a user’s device, skipping the jailbreak process entirely.

The Verge reported Friday that Chinese website 7659.com is taking advantage of Apple’s bulk enterprise licensing software to illegally distribute free versions of paid App Store titles.

The process uses a developer provisioning profile, which then allows the device owner to side load a pirated app onto their iOS hardware, completely bypassing the App Store — along with any payment to the developer and Apple.

While the website blocks IP addresses from outside China, Venture Beat managed to use a proxy server to gain access, where they discovered a host of paid App Store titles available absolutely free.

More shockingly, the company who runs the website actually defends their piracy by claiming 7659 is a better way to “effectively manage” apps than iTunes, and far safer than jailbreaking.

“Our goal has always been about bringing Chinese Apple users with quick, convenient and pleasant IOS experience,” the online statement reads. “Since the introduce of Kuaiyong, the proportion of jailbreak in China has declined dramatically from 60 percent to around 30 percent. Kuaiyong will hold on to this goal in the future and we would like to see more support for Apple as well as Kuaiyong.”

Good luck with that, guys — it shouldn’t take Apple long to find and shut down the provisioning profile used to make 7659.com possible, but for now the company remains mum on the situation.

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(Image courtesy of Venture Beat)



Overnight Recap: Apple Dips Below $400, Free FX Photo Studio, Pocket Sharing

FX Photo Studio for iPhoneSomething tells us that Apple is headed for another boffo year in 2013, but first they have to endure the fickle nature of stockholders who lose confidence in the company with each new rumor of delays or any sign of trouble in Cupertino. Wednesday was a perfect example, with Apple’s stock price dipping below 0 for the first time in nearly two and a half years. Is it a sign of the company “Applepocalypse,” pre-quarterly earnings jitters or just business as usual? Only time will tell…

Apple Stock Price Dips Below 0 for First Time Since 2011

CNBC reported Wednesday that investors continue to lose faith in Apple Inc., with the iPhone maker’s stock price dipping below 0 for the first time since December 23, 2011. While share prices crawled above 0 by the close of business (2.80 at this writing), recent rumors of product delays and a 15 percent drop in estimated revenue from Apple supplier Cirrus Logic appear to be taking their toll. The timing couldn’t be worse, with Apple scheduled to announce its fiscal second-quarter earnings on April 23 — a quarter whose only “new” product of any significance was the 128GB iPad.

Thursday Only: Free FX Photo Studio for iPhone

MacPhun LLC has been teasing an update to FX Photo Studio for iPhone the last week, and with good reason: For the first time ever, the app is absolutely free on Thursday, April 18 only. Version 5.1 isn’t just lighter on the wallet — the update improves performance, Facebook and Instagram sharing, adds a dedicated FX Photo Studio album to your photo library and now supports the maximum resolution possible on the iPhone 5. And that’s on top of the usual bug fixes, interface tweaks and even a new in-app filter collection. But grab it while you can, because this deal turns back into a pumpkin around midnight local time.

Pocket Adds Send to Friend Sharing to iOS, Mac, Android

The folks at Pocket celebrated their first anniversary since shedding the Read It Later name, and gave users a special “thank you” in the form of updates to its free mobile and desktop (Mac and web) apps. The big news is an all-new sharing menu that adapts to a users’ most-used services, be they Facebook, Twitter, Evernote or something else. Send to Friend also adds the ability to share Pocket content via email, even to people who don’t use the app. Pocket users will instead receive an optional push notification for reading the shared article within the app, with the heads-up also appearing inside a new Inbox, where incoming articles can be added to a list or ignored. As always, the updates are free on all supported platforms.

Photoshop Shake Reduction Tool Will Soon Put Images Back in Focus

Adobe’s 2013 MAX conference kicks off on May 6, and the company is using social media to help grow awareness and raise anticipation for the big event. On Wednesday, Senior Photoshop Product Manager Zorana Gee hosted a YouTube sneak peek of an upcoming new feature for reducing blur in photographs. Camera Shake Reduction doesn’t quite sound like a feature that would tackle such a task, but that’s exactly what it will do, particularly for images shot in low light or under slow shutter speeds. Judging from the video sneak peek, this looks like the filter to beat in the forthcoming update to Adobe Photoshop — check it out for yourself in the video embedded below!

FxFactory Adds Ripple Timelines for Final Cut Pro X

Noise Industries has been on fire lately, working with its partners to create slick new skills for Final Cut Pro X by way of their FxFactory software. The latest addition is Ripple Timelines, billed as a “video time machine” which creates fully customizable graphical transitions. And they do mean customizable: Users can select one of eight different transition styles, then adjust the colors, background image and text to their heart’s content. Best of all, the plug-in features an introductory price of only until April 21, so FCPX editors are encouraged to give the demo videos a peek and grab it quick before the price goes up.

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