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Apple Stores to Host Free ‘Hour of Code’ Programming Classes on Dec. 11

This marks the second year that Apple has announced plans to participate in Code.org’s
“Hour of Code” campaign. If you’ve ever wanted to learn what it takes to be a coder yourself (or if you have a young one who’s interested), you’ll want to head down to your local Apple Store on December 11 to enjoy a free hour-long introduction to computer programming.

The event is held in conjunction with Computer Science Education week, which runs this year from December 8 until December 14. Obviously you’re not going to walk out of the session knowing how to design the next great iOS app, but the event should provide more than enough information to help you decide if you’d like to pursue your training further.

Hour of Code is the in-person counterpart to the online tools that Code.org hosts all year round, which are aimed at getting more people interested in coding and into the tech industry. Some of Apple’s stores will have noteworthy programmers overseeing the Hour of Code — if you’re in SoHo in New York, for instance, you’ll get to learn from the folks behind Hopscotch, a programming language aimed at attracting young coders.

If you’re still interested after your hour-long coding session, many Apple stores are offering specialized events with coders throughout the week. Be sure to check out the dedicated site Apple set up for more information.

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Apple Replaces ‘Free’ Purchase Label on App Store with ‘Get’ Button

Resentment has been growing against apps that call themselves “free” but bulge with in-app purchases and related microtransactions, and today Apple altered a bit of its wording on the App Store apparently in response to that sentiment. If only it weren’t so awkward. Apps and games that used to read “Free” in the button reserved for prices with paid apps now display “Get,” which seems inelegant to, say, “Download” or “Install.”

Apple implemented the changes both on the iOS App Store and on the desktop version, and the wording appears not only on the individual app pages but also on the top charts. Much as with the previous “free” label, the new “Get” label appears on every app that’s initially free to download regardless of whether it has in-app purchases or not.

Apple hasn’t said as much (in fact, it hasn’t said anything at all), but it’s likely that the change arises from pressures from the European Commission, which made headlines earlier this year when it successfully forced Google to label apps with in-app purchases differently (via The Verge). Later, the commission applied the same pressure to Apple. The chief concern, the commission said at the time, was that users might be mislead about the cost involved in downloading a particular app. Furthermore, there was some concern that some such apps were being directly marketed to children.

The iPhone maker did take some action on the matter earlier after working with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, specifically by requiring passwords before users can make in-app purchases and also by clearly stating that apps offered in-app purchases on their respective pages. More controls came with iOS 8, which lets parents approve of deny their childrens’ purchases through Family Sharing. (And with good reason, too.) But if the latest development suggests anything, it’s that all that work apparently wasn’t enough.

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With Trade-In Program, Best Buy Offers Free iPhone 5 Units Tomorrow Only

If you’ve been looking for a good reason to trade in your iPhone 4 or 4s for an iPhone 5, you’ll have a hard time finding a better deal than Best Buy’s promotion for Saturday–provided, that is, you meet the requirements. According to CNet, when you bring in your activated iPhone 4 or 4s into a physical Best Buy store tomorrow, you’ll get a 0 credit toward the purchase of a new iPhone 5, essentially making it a free trade.

This comes on the heels of the news that Best Buy lowered the price of the iPhone 5 to 0 for the 16 GB models. Under Best Buy’s one-day offer, the only charges you’ll have to pay are those for any applicable sales tax or activation fees. To qualify, you’ll need to activate a two-year contract with either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, and you need to be eligible for an upgrade. That, and you’ll need to visit the store in person. The offer will only be available tomorrow, Saturday, June 1.

Still, there may be better alternatives available. A representative from Gazelle contacted us this morning, informing us that the online recommerce company is offering 0 for used iPhone 4 models and 5 for used iPhone 4s units. Under Gazelle’s model, they send you a prepaid box to send your iPhone to them, after which they follow up with a check to be used toward a new model.

The main difference is the wait involved (assuming you’re already close to a Best Buy location), although Gazelle also pointed out that their approach appeals to consumers who aren’t always ready to give away their previous phone models once they purchase a new one.

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