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Deals: Make Your iPad USB, SD, and MicroSD Compatible

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The iPad is the perfect display to view your favorite photos on. It presents them in a crystal clear way and allows you to effortlessly browse through and pull up your favorite shots. But not all your favorite photos are housed on your iPad. Some of them may still be on memory cards or on the camera. You can still pull them up on your tablet thanks to the 3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit for iPad. It’s on sale in our latest Deal.

Importing and viewing your photos on your iPad has never been easier than with the 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit. It allows you to have immediate access to content stored on USB, SD cards, or MicroSD cards. This device will bridge the gap between your camera and your iPad and will make it easy to plug in any camera or data storage option straight to your tablet.

The 3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit for iPad usually retails for . If you head to our Deals tab right now, you can save a full 51% off that price. That means you’ll pay just for this must have accessory. 


Deals: Get Artist Corner for Free for iPad and Get a Chance to Win $100 Apple Gift Card

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Your iPad is the perfect platform to explore your artistic side. Likewise, it’s a wonderful way to introduce your kids to new ways to express their creativity. That’s why an app like Artist Corner is so great: It lets people of any age bring their ideas to life right on the iPad. You can get this great app for free and get entered to win a 0 Apple Gift Card.

Artist Corner is a great app for letting the inner artist of you or a young one shine. Start with a blank canvas, grab some of the amazing tools that are in the app, and get to work on creating a masterpiece. Use pencils, paintbrushes, markers, crayons, all available in a wide variety of colors that will bring your imagination to life on the screen. Once you’ve finished a drawing, submit it through Artist Corner and you could be chosen as the winner of a 0 Apple Gift Card.

Artist Corner from Xidasoft usually retails for . You can get it for free right now in our Deals tab. When you try out the app, make a unique drawing with the great tools it provides and submit it for your chance to win a 0 Apple Gift Card. Get this great free app and take a shot at winning even more free stuff! You can’t lose.


Japanese Buyers Now Paying More for Apple’s iPad, iPods

Apple Store Sendai JapanThe U.S. dollar may be weak, but apparently the Japanese yen is in worse shape, prompting Apple to raise the price of some of its most popular products in response to rising import costs.

Bloomberg reported Thursday
that the iPad and iPod product lines will now cost a little bit more in Japan, the result of the yen weakening against the U.S. dollar for the first time in more than four years.

As a result, a base model 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi from Apple’s online store will now cost 49,800 yen (3) compared to 42,800 yen, while the iPod shuffle has been increased from 4,200 yen to 4,800 yen.

“We made some pricing adjustments due to changes in foreign exchange rates,” explained Apple Japan spokesman Takashi Takabayashi, without elaborating further.

Apple isn’t alone in raising prices — Japanese manufacturers such as Fujitsu and Toshiba have already announced domestic price increases on personal computers, as well as televisions in Toshiba’s case.

May proved to be a particularly rough month for Japan’s yen, which weakened beyond 101 against the U.S. dollar for the first time since April, 2009.

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Apple Cuts Prices on Refurbished iPad Mini, iPad 4 Units

Apple’s anticipated reveals of new iPad hardware may only be a couple of months weeks away (unless they shock us all and reveal them at WWDC), and it looks like they’re trying to move as much of the old stock as they can. That’s good news if you’ve been looking for a comparatively low-cost iPad directly from the source, as Apple today announced discounts of 15 to 17 percent for refurbished iPad 4 units and iPad Minis for the Apple Store.

The discounts for the iPad 4 units might be just enough to win you over if you’ve been holding out on buying one of the new devices since their release last October. With Apple’s new promotion, you can acquire a refurbished 16GB iPad 4 with WiFi for 9, down from its original refurbished price of 9. Meanwhile, the 64GB iPad 4 is available for 9, a significant departure from its 9 retail price.

If you’re looking for low-cost options, you can’t go wrong with the refurbished 16GB WiFi-only iPad Mini, which is now priced at 9. Until recently, refurbished versions of the unit sold for 9, down from a new iPad Mini’s shelf price of 9. If you’re looking for a good deal on the high end, you can snag a 64GB refurbished iPad Mini with both WiFi and a 3G plan for 9, down 0 from the price of a new one.

Impressive numbers, but as 9to5 Toys reports, it’s possible to find better deals elsewhere. If you head to Wal-Mart, apparently, you can acquire a 16GB iPad Mini with WiFi for a mere 0, with free in-store pickup or a shipping charge. According to 9to5, that’s the lowest price ever reported for a refurbished iPad Mini from a reputable seller. Even more impressively, Wal-Mart’s also selling brand new 64GB iPad Minis with WiFi for a low 0.

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Logitech Announces Wired iPad Keyboard for Classroom Use

Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPadWe live in a mostly wireless world these days, but there are times when a good old-fashioned wired accessory works best — such as an external keyboard for the iPad when used in the classroom.

Logitech announced its Wired Keyboard for iPad this week, a first of its kind accessory targeted for the classroom. Available with either Lightning or 30-pin connectors to support all iPad models, the keyboard will retail for .99.

But why have a wired keyboard at all when the iPad is clearly such a mobile, wireless-centric device in the first place?

“Schools are increasingly purchasing iPads for use in the classroom,” said Mike Culver, vice president and general manager of mobility at Logitech. “While tablets are enabling new ways of teaching and testing, there’s a challenge when a teacher needs to simultaneously pair multiple iPads with multiple wireless Bluetooth keyboards. We developed the Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad to specifically solve this problem, so students can now simply plug it in and start typing.”

But the Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad doesn’t just solve a problem: It’s also built to be durable enough to withstand students spilling drinks on it or even banging away at the keys for long periods of time. (Logitech claims it has a key lifespan of more than five million strokes.)

The Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad with the Lightning Connector will be available first in August, with the Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad with the 30-pin Connector following closely behind in October.

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