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Apple Daily: Pixar Tries Out iPad Pro and Apple Pencil; Apple Outlines Privacy Stance

You know Apple’s got a good thing on its hands when Pixar thinks the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil are great devices, and after a short demo, the animation team apparently can’t wait to use the devices again. Elsewhere, Apple greatly expanded its Privacy page on its website, outlining once and for all what its well-known commitment to privacy actually entails.

Pixar Tries Out iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and Loves Them

If you were wondering how good the iPad Pro really is after Apple’s presentation, take it from no less a source than Pixar — it’s wonderful. Pixar’s main animation team had a chance to try out the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil yesterday, and department head Michael B. Johnson had this to say about them on Twitter: “Can hardly wait to get my own iPad Pro and Pencil to both use it and start writing software for it. Big thumbs up.”

Source: Michael B. Johnson

Of special interest to the famed animation team was the device’s capacity for “palm rejection,” or the device’s ability to keep from getting confused when a person’s palm rests on the screen while the stylus does the actual work. Apple never showed anyone resting their palms on the device during the initial presentation on September 9, and thus there were some concerns that the Cupertino company might have overlooked such a key feature.

But not so, according to Johnson: “The iPad pro has perfect palm rejection as far as we were able to see.” Johnson was also enthusiastic about the device’s speed, as he said in a followup tweet that he believes that it has a “faster CPU/GPU than probably any laptop that shipped 3 yrs ago, and still faster than most today.”


Apple Greatly Expands Privacy Portion of Website

Much has been made about Apple’s unrelenting commitment to its customers’ privacy in recent years, and in that spirit, Apple today significantly updated the Privacy portion of its website to outline in detail what that means for people who buy its products.

“We believe in telling you up front exactly what’s going to happen to your personal information and asking for your permission before you share it with us,” Cook said in the section’s new introductory letter. “And if you change your mind later, we make it easy to stop sharing with us. Every Apple product is designed around those principles. When we do ask to use your data, it’s to provide you with a better user experience.”

The Cupertino company provides three additional tabs that cover such specifics as “Our Approach to Privacy,” “Government Information Requests,” and how to “Manage Your Privacy.” In each Apple covers topics such as how individual apps such as iMessage and Apple Pay handle your personal data, as well as what the company does when it gets National Security Orders from the U.S. Government.

Above all, Apple takes special care to point out that it “has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a ‘backdoor’ in any of our products or services.”

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Apple Daily: iPhone Preorders May Exceed Last Year’s; Tim Cook on Colbert, 4GB iPad Pro

Naysayers, repent: Apple is already claiming that the preorders for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are well on their way to outdoing the preorder numbers for last year’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. In other news, Apple CEO Tim Cook will be on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert tomorrow, and the iPad Pro is confirmed to have 4GB of RAM.

Apple Claims iPhone 6s, 6s Plus Preorders “On Pace” to Beat Last Year’s

Many analysts recently claimed that Apple likely wouldn’t see as stellar iPhone sales this year partly in response to China’s troubled economy, but in a statement to CNBC, the Cupertino company set out to prove them wrong. In fact, the company claims that this year could see even better sales of its newest smartphones than last year.

“Customer response to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has been extremely positive and preorders this weekend were very strong around the world,” Apple said in its statement. “We are on pace to beat last year’s 10 million unit first-weekend record when the new iPhones go on sale September 25.”

Source: Softpedia

And not only does Apple appear poised to beat analyst estimates, but it seems that the company claims that it has exceeded its own internal estimates as well.

“We are working to catch up as quickly as we can, and we will have iPhone 6s Plus as well as iPhone 6s units available at Apple retail stores when they open next Friday,” the statement said.

Apple so far hasn’t released any specific numbers for the preorders yet, but a more successful opening weekend than last year’s would be impressive, to put it lightly. In addition to selling 10 million units within the first weekend as a whole, Apple also sold a total of 4 million units within the first 24 hours of preorders alone.

We’ve come a long way from the days when Steve Jobs could brag that Apple has sold 4 million iPhones ever.


Tim Cook to Appear on ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’

It’s possible we could hear the specific numbers for the pre-orders in an unlikely venue — the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert announced on Twitter last Friday that Apple CEO Tim Cook would be a guest on his show tomorrow, Tuesday, September 15. It looks like Colbert is looking forward to the interview, as he posted a photo of himself speaking to Siri through his Apple Watch.

“Siri,” he said in the tweet, “put Apple CEO Tim Cook on my calendar for Tuesday, Sept. 15. Oh, and come up with some questions to ask him.”

Hobnobbing with influential figures outside of the realms of music. movies, and television such as Cook is already the norm for Colbert’s Late Show, which has already seen the former Colbert Report host speaking with key tech and industrial personalities like Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In fact, Colbert appears to be placing tech and (unsurprisingly, considering his past) political figures front-and-center on his new show, as upcoming guests include everyone from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

You can catch Colbert’s show at 11:30 p.m. on CBS, or you can (most likely) watch the interview afterward on the show’s YouTube channel.


iPad Pro Confirmed to Have 4GB of RAM

Late last week Adobe caused a stir when it released a press release claiming that, to almost everyone’s surprise, the iPad Pro contained 4GB of RAM. The company quickly removed all references to the RAM in online versions of the release, leading to some speculation that the information was a mistake.

Source: Hamza Sood

Yesterday, however, iOS developer Hamza Sood announced on Twitter that the initial report was right, after all. Based on his findings through the asset catalogs in the development tool Xcode, the iPad Pro contains 4GB of RAM and the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus (as Sood notes, rather unsurprisingly at this point) both contain 2GB.

In the specific words of a followup tweet, “The image asset is chosen based on the memoryClass key in the simdevicetype’s capabilities.plist. 0 = <1GB, 1 = 1GB, 2 = 2GB, 3 = 4GB.”

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Apple Special Event: Taking iPad Even Further with 12.9-inch iPad Pro

iPad Pro

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls the iPad “a simple multitouch piece of glass that instantly transforms into anything you want it to be” — and during today’s special event in San Francisco, the company took the product even further with “the biggest news in iPad since the iPad.”

Following an update on Apple Watch 2 and a teaser video, Cook debuted the long-rumored iPad Pro, which he called “the most capable and powerful iPad we’ve ever created. It is chock full of amazing technologies and innovations.”

Apple marketing VP Phil Schiller then took the stage to elaborate more on the company’s iPad Pro plans, featuring a 12.9-inch display packing 5.6 million pixels — the most on any iOS device to date — and a full-size software keyboard promising a superior typing experience.

Powering the iPad Pro is a new A9X chip, which is Apple’s third-generation 64-bit processor offering double the graphics performance of the previous A8X and a 2x increase in read/write to onboard storage. The screen also includes a variable refresh rate for improved power savings.

Perhaps most impressive, Schiller claims iPad Pro is 360x times faster than the original iPad introduced in 2010, a remarkable speed increase in only five years. Apple claims iPad Pro is faster than 80 percent of portable PCs, and makes possible all-new apps such as AutoCAD.

Featuring 10-hour battery life and four on-board speakers with automatic sound balancing depending upon how the device is held, iPad Pro is only 6.9mm thick, and weighs nearly the same as the original iPad at 1.57 lb.

Moving on to accessories, iPad Pro users will be able to pick up a Smart Keyboard covered with woven fabric, and uses a “smart connector” to magnetically attach to the tablet. Schiller also promises “a new level of accuracy” from the Apple Pencil, a precision stylus device for artists.

According to the Apple promo video narrated by Jonathan Ive, Apple Pencil uses “force data” for pressure sensitivity, and recharges directly from iPad Pro with an on-board Lightning connector.

iPad Pro owners can look forward to all-new Mail and Notes apps, and plenty of others are on the way, including updates to Microsoft’s Office lineup. Using Word for iPad, Microsoft showed off new pen tool features similar to those in the company’s own Surface tablet.

Next up: Adobe, showing off a trio of recent additions to the Creative Cloud lineup. A new app called Adobe Photoshop Fix makes it insanely easy to correct images on iPad Pro using facial recognition, turning a model’s frown into a smile with just a gesture. Adobe also showed how the existing Comp and Illustrator Sketch apps integrate and work perfectly with iOS 9′s new multitasking feature.

The final demonstration came courtesy of 3D4Medical, who showed off how iPad Pro can help doctors explain procedures with patients using interactive 3D models. Apple Pencil can also be used to virtually “cut” the on-screen models and show the inner workings of the human body in never-before-seen detail.

Available in the usual silver, gold, and space grey colors, iPad Pro is priced at 9 for 32GB, 9 for 128GB, or 79 for 128GB with LTE and arrives in November, along with the Apple Pencil and 9 Smart Keyboard.

Not to be left out, iPad mini 2 now becomes the entry-level tablet in Apple’s lineup, now starting at only 9. A new iPad mini 4 model starting at 9 brings the guts of an iPad Air 2 into a smaller frame, while the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 continue to be available starting at 9 and 9, respectively.

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Apple Daily: Universal Search on Next Apple TV; Apple May Reveal ‘iPad Pro’ Next Week

More specific details about the devices we’ll probably see at Apple’s media event next week continue to roll in from alleged insider sources, which at this point means that Apple CEO Tim Cook could just walk on stage and show that the devices exist and his work would be done. Today’s rumors claim that the next Apple TV will have a universal search feature and come with a black remote, and that we’ll finally get to see the “iPad Pro” after months of rumors.

Next Apple TV Said to Support Universal Search Feature

The latest batch of rumors regarding the Apple TV came in this morning from both Buzzfeed and 9to5Mac. In Buzzfeed’s report, insider sources revealed that the device will start at 9 (in line with previous rumors) and support a universal search feature that will let users search for media through third-party services such as Netflix in addition to iTunes. As for 9to5Mac’s sources, they claim that the device will contain somewhere between 8 and 16 GB of storage, and that the long-rumored touchpad remote will be black instead of the current silver.

Farewell, Silver

According to the “sources familiar with Apple’s plans,” the Cupertino company expects that the universal search feature will be a “cornerstone” of the new set-top box. What’s more, the search feature won’t limit users to titles, but will also allow them to search for media based on directors, actors, or a number of other “targeted searches.” Even better, you’ll be able to do all this through Siri.

All this comes on top of all of the other information we “know” about the device, such as how it’ll come with an A8 processor and its own App Store, which is widely expected to contain games in addition to the core streaming services. Additional rumors claim that the device will support lightweight motion controls that resemble those currently found on iOS devices.


Apple May Reveal ‘iPad Pro’ and New iPad Mini at Next Week’s Event

Apple’s September 9 event is shaping up to be very busy indeed, as new rumors from 9to5Mac claim that it’ll also feature the new iPad mini 4 and the long-awaited 12.9-inch “iPad Pro.”

But don’t get too excited yet. While the huge iPad is expected to make an appearance on stage a week from now, it allegedly won’t land in customers’ hands until sometime in November. It’s currently thought that Apple might choose this later launch date out of a desire to give developers time to create specialized apps for the device. Indeed, there’s always a chance that Apple could reveal the device at a separate autumn event, as the list of products rumored for next week’s show is growing longer by the day and the company has been known to host two fall shows in the past.

Source: MacRumors

As for the iPad mini 4, in line with previous rumors, it’s expected to match the specs of the existing iPad Air 2 (but in a smaller package). If you want a new iPad Air, you’re apparently stuck with what’s on the market as there’s no indication that Apple plans to release a new version of the device before 2016.

Based on previous rumors, the “iPad Pro” will sport a 12.9-inch screen, a Force Touch-compatible stylus, an A9 processor, 2 GB of RAM, and possibly even USB 3.0 ports for users who want to hook up peripheral devices. There’s also some indication that the device will launch with iOS 9.1 installed rather than 9.0, which sits well with the new rumor of a November launch date.

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Apple Daily: Multiple 12.9-Inch ‘iPad Pro’ Rumors Surface; iPod Demoted to ‘Accessories’

Judging from the new batch of reports that rolled in throughout the day, the 12.9-inch “iPad Pro” is, in fact, real and it’s apparently already being tested out in the wild. Alas, it looks as though we may not see it for a few months. In other news, one of Apple’s most famous products gets demoted from the Apple Store’s display tables.

‘iPad Pro’ Appears to Start Showing Up in Analytics Data

After months of rumors, the 12.9-inch “iPad Pro” finally appears to be showing up in data from app analytics firms. AppSee reported this morning that they’d seen a new device in their reports listed as the “iPad6,8″ that supported a resolution of 2,732×2,048, and it seems almost certain that this is, in fact, the gargantuan tablet of Apple legend. And somewhere out there, someone is using it.

iPad Pro concept by Martin Hajek. Via MacRumors

MacRumors notes that the resolution is perfectly in line with the 2,732×2,048 resolution that Taiwanese iOS app developer Hiraku Wang reported seeing hints of in the beta code for iOS 9 in June (with Apple’s 2x high-resolution modifier figured in). The same resolution also showed up in another report from DisplaySearch back in January based on sources from the Apple supply chain.

The thing is, we may have to wait a while to see it. MacRumors contacted AppSee and discovered that the devices in question were actually running iOS 9.1 instead of 9.0, which suggests that the device might release after Apple’s likely reveal of the so-called iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sometime in early September.


Analyst: iPad Pro Will Likely Have Force-Touch Stylus

Additional indications of a later launch for the iPad Pro came in this morning from well-respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities (via MacRumors), who claims the device won’t even enter mass production until September or October — the very time when the rumored iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are supposed to be on shelves. Kuo’s analysis is just as noteworthy, though, for its claim that the gigantic iPad will support a Force Touch-enabled stylus.

Kuo reportedly notes that Force Touch doesn’t appear to have been a massive draw for either the new Macs or the Apple Watch, but that it seems likely that Apple would include the feature in the tablet owing to its tendency to strive for consistency in its productions. Kuo has been insisting that the device would have a stylus since way back in January, and now he’s so sure that he has gone so far as to name Taiwan’s Cheng Uei as the manufacturer.


Apple to Demote iPods to ‘Accessory’ Shelves

Just a few weeks after Apple injected some new life into its moribund iPod line with some updated units, a new report from 9to5Mac notes that Apple is demoting the once generation-defining music device from the display tables in Apple retail stores to the “Accessory” walls along the sides.

The iPod in the spotlight in 2008. Photo: Mike Dong

The move comes as a part of Apple’s desire to “simplify the [Apple Store] experience,” as reported by “several Apple Retail managers.” Gone, too, are the iPad 2 “Smart Signs” that used to educate viewers about Apple products, as customers would apparently get confused by them, believing they were fully functional iPad 2 units when, in fact, they were merely meant to provide information about products in the vicinity.

The changes are in effect today, following an overnight transition. the shift appears to be a part of a larger trend of simplification at Apple, as the company recently merged its website and online store into a single site.

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