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Apple Daily: iPhone Survives 40-Story Fall; Apple Touts Environmental Efforts

In today’s Apple Daily, Apple releases a report detailing how much it’s done to live up to its stated commitment to the environment and renewable energy. In other news, a photographer from Dubai had the misfortune of watching is iPhone plummet 40 stories down, and the camera was rolling the whole time.

iPhone Survives 40-Story Fall

Just how tough are the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? Photographer Catalin Marin found out in Dubai last week when he accidentally dropped his iPhone from 40 stories up. Marin’s phone survived with only a slight dent. And even better, the camera was going the whole way down.

“I had a bit of a mishap this morning,” Marin later said on Instagram. “Shooting from the 40th floor, my phone decided to go for a ride into the wind. Forty floors down, not a scratch in sight.”

The video kicks off with a shot of the skyscrapers of Dubai rising through the morning fog, but a fraction of a second later, the phone takes a dive, flipping and spinning over and over until it at last hits bottom.

The screen didn’t have a single scratch in it, and as Marin recounted in a followup photo after his video caught the eyes of Buzzfeed, the body as a whole survived without only a small “ding.” Marin mentioned that he was using a case in the post, but he didn’t say which. Chances are the lucky case maker can’t wait to use Marin’s story for publicity.

Apple Releases Environmental Responsibility Report

Apple today released its Environmental Responsibility Report for 2015, in which the company highlights its efforts to “leave the world better than we found it.” Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental initiatives, said in the report that 100 percent of Apple’s U.S. operations and 87 percent of its oveseas operations already run on renewable energy, but that the company wants to boost it all to 100 percent. The renewable sources involved include “solar, wind, micro-hydro, biogas fuel cells, and geothermal sources.”

The report also drew attention to Apple’s considerable recycling efforts, which has helped keep 508 million pounds of garbage out of landfills since 2008. The company also has recycling programs in place in 99 percent of the countries it operates in, allowing the company to recover 40,396 metric tons of aluminum, plastics, glass, along with other metals and materials just in the last year alone. Apple has extended its commitment to recycling even over to “Spaceship Campus,” 95 percent of which is built out of recycled building materials.

In the report, Apple also pointed out more recent initiatives, such as efforts to build two solar plants in China with the help of The Conservation Fund and the SunPower Corporation, as well as its recent purchase of 36,000 acres of forest in order to have a sustainable point of origin for its paper products (such as packaging).

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Apple Daily: Force Touch May Only Come to iPhone 6s Plus; Autism Apps on iTunes

In today’s Apple Daily, a rumor pops up claiming that Apple’s new Force Touch technology may only come to the so-called iPhone 6s Plus and not to its smaller sibling. In other news, Apple has assembled a useful and educational assortment of apps in honor of World Autism Awareness Day.

Rumor: Force Touch May Only Come to iPhone 6s Plus

If you’re hoping to use Apple’s new Force Touch technology with the upcoming iPhone, a new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News (via MacRumors) claims you’d be best off pinning your hopes on the larger “iPhone 6s Plus.” Still, it’s all a matter of speculation, as it’s merely based on the fact that the relevant sources refer only to the iPhone 6s Plus and not the smaller iPhone 6s.

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced Force Touch at Apple’s “Spring Forward” media event last month as a feature of the upcoming 12-inch MacBook with Retina. In that case, it augumented the typically mouse-like behavior of the MacBook’s trackpad with a “depth” component that allows you to interact in different ways depending on how hard you press or swipe on the trackpad. Given that the iPhone is touch-based, the tech seems like it’d be a natural inclusion.

Rumors going as far back as January from TechNews Taiwan claimed that both of this year’s iterations of the iPhone would support the tech along with 2GB of RAM, with The Wall Street Journal chiming in to bolster the claim with additional alleged insider information. As MacRumors notes, the claim of the iPhone 6s Plus’s exclusivity for Force Touch isn’t without precedent, as Apple brought image stabilization to only the larger of its two phones last year.

Apple Highlights Apps for World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day, and in the spirit of the day, Apple has created a new section for its App Store that’s designed to give something to all autistic individuals. The new section, which is found under the “Education” heading, includes 16 apps that vary in price from free (or, you know, “Get“) to 9.

Some are for all ages, such as the Keeble accessible keyboard, which lets “users with fine motor-challenges, switch users, and users with vision impairments type in any app.” Many of the rest are aimed at kids, such as the free FlummoxVision, which features “live-action comedy that works to help kids navigate the social and emotional world.”

In addition to the sampling of apps, 9to5Mac notes, Apple also has a extensive selection of podcasts by nonprofit Autism Empowerment available for listening.

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Apple Daily: ‘Leaked’ iPhone 6c Photos; Obligatory Apple Watch Try-Ons; Q2 Earnings Date

In today’s Apple Daily, photos of the recently rumored “iPhone 6c” are already making their way across the Internet. In other news, you’ll apparently have to sign up for a try-on reservation if you expect to buy an Apple Watch in-store, and even then you might have to wait for it. Also, Apple announced the date of its next earnings call.

Chinese Supplier ‘Leaks’ Photos of Rumored ‘iPhone 6c’

Well, that didn’t take long. Only a few days after word dropped that Apple might be releasing a smaller, low-cost “iPhone 6c” model later this year, a Chinese parts supplier by the name of Future Supplier (via Nowhereelse.fr) already has some allegedly leaked photos of the device. By and large, it looks like what you’d expect — a more modern take on the iPhone 5c. But it’s not that much more modern, and indeed, by eyeball estimates alone, it’s thought to sport another 4-inch screen.

Subtle details in the design even suggest that the device won’t be that different from the iPhone 5s internally. For one, it features the same type of LED flash design as the 5s, and for another, the device features the same type of speaker grill. Although it seems a shame to release a “new” phone with specs that might be as many as two generations old, the move would be well in line with Apple’s rumored intentions to sell the device for even less than the iPhone 5c sold for in 2013.

Try-On Reservations Apparently Mandatory for Buying an Apple Watch In-Store

A common thread running through all of the rumors and news about the Apple Watch that we’ve heard so far is that buyers will have to sign up for presentations in order to handle the device. If you want to try on one of the more “normal” versions, for instance, you’ll have up to 15 minutes to try it out in the presence of an Apple employee; if you want to try out the mega-expensive Apple Watch Edition, you’ll reportedly get 30 minutes.

But according to “leaked” documentation obtained by MacRumors, though, that’s not mere perception, nor is it a mere nod to Apple’s customer service. Apparently, if you’re at all interested in getting one of the devices, you’ll have to sign up for “Product Reservations.” Walk-in purchases, it seems, are currently being discouraged.

“If a customer walks in and wants to purchase a watch, offer the option to try on a watch,” the documentation reportedly says. “Then help them place an order online or through the Apple Store app.”

The upshot of this is that the appointment to try on the device does not necessarily mean you’ll get to walk out with a watch, even after the official April 24 release date.

Apple to Announce Q2 2015 Earnings Results on April 27

Apple today updated its investor relations page to report April 27 as the date of its earnings call for the second quarter of 2015, which means we’ll finally get to learn it Apple managed to sustain the massive, record-breaking sales it achieved in the first quarter.

The call itself will take place at 2:00 p.m. PST, but as is standard with Apple, the earnings report itself will likely be available at around 1:30 p.m. In its first earnings call for the year, Apple reported that it expected to reach between to billion in revenue for the second quarter, which equates into a gross margin of approximately 39 percent.

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Apple Daily: Cook Remembers Jobs; 2014 iOS Sales; Samsung iPhone Memory

Apple fans are once again remembering the life and times of Steve Jobs today on what would have been the 60th birthday of the legendary co-founder. In our Tuesday edition of Apple Daily, we’ll find out how current CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that date, along with news that Samsung may still be in the iPhone memory game, the latest Apple acquisition, and how much of the smartphone market iOS and Android have gobbled up to date.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Commemorates Steve Jobs’s 60th Birthday

It’s been just over four years since the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, but his predecessor certainly hasn’t forgotten the influential legacy of the man who brought him into the Cupertino fold. On Tuesday morning, current CEO Tim Cook started his day with a tweet acknowledging Jobs’ birthday on February 24.

Steve Jobs holds Apple

“Remembering Steve, who would have turned 60 today,” Cook wrote, capped off by a quote from his former mentor: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Although Cook’s influence has changed many things at Apple over the last four years, there’s little doubt that the executive team and the iPhone maker’s global workforce continue to live by those words. (For more Steve Jobs quotes, click here.)

Next-Gen iPhone Will Mostly Use Samsung Memory Chips

The Korea Times reported late Monday that Samsung Electronics appears to still be very much in the Apple manufacturing game, despite rumors of an icier relationship between the two patent foes. An unnamed industry official claims Samsung will provide “at least half” of the DRAM chips needed for this year’s presumed iPhone 6S, and the door appears to be open for Apple to increase that amount, should it become necessary. Samsung will also reportedly provide mobile processors for the same device, which is widely expected to arrive this fall.

Samsung mobile memory chips

Apple Acquires Audio Plug-In Developer Camel Audio

Apple’s music-centric software GarageBand and Logic Pro X could become a lot more powerful in the future, thanks to Cupertino’s acquisition of music software plug-in maker Camel Audio. According to The Loop, the creators of Alchemy quietly closed their doors back on January 8, removing all products for purchase and limiting email and download support for previous purchases.

Camel Audio - Alchemy

As noted by MacRumors, Camel Audio’s corporate registry now points to Apple’s London address at 100 New Bridge Street, while the company’s only director is listed as Heather Joy Morrison, one of Cupertino’s fleet of attorneys. An Apple spokesperson confirmed the acquisition to The Loop in their typically standard way: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

iOS, Android Now Dominate 96.3 Percent of Smartphone Market

Poor Microsoft and BlackBerry: The latest quarterly smartphone data from IDC is now available, and it shows Apple and Google absolutely dominating the worldwide market with 96.3 percent of shipments made during the fourth quarter of last year, a slight increase from 95.6 percent during the same quarter in 2013.

iPhone hovers over Earth

Unfortunately, Android accounted for 76.6 percent of all smartphones sold, but considering how few iPhone models Apple actually has in the lineup, 19.7 percent is nothing to sneeze at — especially when it coincides with 46.1 percent year-over-year growth. (By comparison, Windows Phone holds a meager 2.8 percent share, while BlackBerry slipped into near-total irrelevance with 0.4 percent. Ouch!)

IDC released its calendar year 2014 data as well, painting very much the same picture, with iOS and Android again responsible for a whopping 96.3 percent of worldwide smartphone shipments.

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Apple Daily: Activation Lock Curbs Thefts, iPhone 6 Plus Data Usage, Aperture Removal

The numbers are in, and it appears that Apple’s Activation Lock has been massively successful in curbing the tide of iPhone thefts in three major cities. In addition, iPhone 6 Plus owners reportedly use a lot more data than their iPhone 6 counterparts, and Apple is apparently planning to pull Aperture for good once Photos for Mac launches later this year.

Activation Lock Leads to Plummeting iPhone Thefts in Three Major Cities

Apple introduced Activation Lock for iOS 7 as a means of combating a meteoric rise in iPhone thefts, and, according to officials in London and the two U.S. cities that did the most to call attention to the problem, it’s working extraordinarily well. According to Reuters, reports of stolen iPhones have fallen 25 percent in New York, 40 percent in San Francisco, and an impressive 50 percent in London.

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, New York state attorney Eric Schneiderman, and London Mayor Boris Johnson all have made names for themselves lobbying for “kill switches” on smartphones to prevent such thefts, and all praised Activation Lock upon its release in 2013. And partially thanks to their efforts, such theft prevention features are about to become law. By July 2015, according to a law passed by the California state legislature, all smartphones must have such theft-prevention measures built in before they can be sold in the home state of both Google and Apple.

The number for San Francisco has slightly improved since December, when we reported that Activation Lock had decreased iPhone thefts there by 38 percent.

iPhone 6 Plus Owners Consume Twice As Much Data As iPhone 6 Owners

Screen size isn’t the only major difference between the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus: According to a new PDF report from Citrix, owners of the iPhone 6 Plus on average use twice as much data as owners of the smaller iPhone 6. The report also shares other interesting tidbits, such as how all that data equates into around 10 times more data than was commonly used on the older and slower 3.5-inch iPhone 3GS.

Citrix believes the large disparity suggests that owners of iPhone 6 Plus units are using their phones more like tablets, and thus using them for data-intensive activities such as streaming movies more often than they would for a previous iPhone.

Among other things, the report reveals that iOS remains the dominant operating system in enterprise. iOS accounts for 67 percent of phones in enterprise, while Android commands 27 percent and Windows Mobile accounts for 7 percent. Interestingly enough, Windows Mobile jumped a full five percentage points from last year—a rise that cut into both Apple and Android’s market shares.

Apple to Remove Aperture from Apple Store After Photos for OS X Release

A recent update to the official Aperture page confirmed the fears of many a photo enthusiast — yes, the arrival of Photos for OS X means that Aperture will be removed from the App Store once the new app arrives. On the bright side, anyone who’s purchased the software prior to its removal will still be able to download it via the “Purchases” tab, but keep in mind that Apple already said back in June that there would be no new development on Aperture in the future.

The announcement came directly on the heels of Photos for OS X’s inclusion in the beta for OS X 10.10.3. It’s currently not known when the update will go live, but it could be a while yet as Apple plans to host a public beta for the software before turning it out in the wild. In the meantime, now’s your opportunity to pick up Aperture before it’s gone for good.

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