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Overnight Recap: WWDC 2013 Keynote, Evernote Reminders, HTC First Pause

Evernote RemindersWe’re heading into a three-day weekend for Memorial Day here in the United States, so we’ll be taking a break on Monday, but promise to return on Tuesday with the mother of all weekend recaps. (Provided, of course, that stuff actually happens while we’re watching parades and grilling hamburgers over the weekend.) If the separation anxiety is too much to bear, just read our Thursday recap twice, then set your alarm clocks for Tuesday a.m.!

Apple Confirms June 10 Keynote for WWDC 2013

So let it be written, so let it be done: AllThingsD reported Thursday that Apple has confirmed its Worldwide Developer Conference 2013 keynote will be held on Monday, June 10 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Yeah, we know — this happens every year, so why should 2013 be any different, right? The event kicks off at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) as usual, when CEO Tim Cook and his posse will get down to business showing off the next version of both iOS and OS X. Stay tuned to MacLife.com for all the news at it breaks, folks!

Evernote Adds Reminders for iOS, Mac, Web

The Evernote Blog announced a trifecta of updates on Thursday as the company’s Mac, iOS and web products received three of features most requested by users: Alarms via email or in-app, quick notes based on to-do lists and the ability to pin notes to the top of a list. Reminders are easily the most welcome addition, which can be added by tapping or clicking on the alarm clock icon, complete with a date and time for when a particular note should be completed. (Not surprisingly, the feature syncs between Evernote clients.) Be sure to hit the link to read some great suggestions on how to use Reminders, which is a good way to spend a few minutes as you’re updating the apps.

Chrome for iOS Will Also Get Voice Search

Have you checked out that cool voice search added to the desktop version of Google Chrome? If so, you’re probably hoping it will come to mobile versions as well, and you’d be absolutely right. The Google Chrome Blog announced that voice search will be added to the omnibox of its universal iOS app, which will also enable faster reloading of web pages as well as the ability to open links in Chrome and then return back to the app you came from with just a tap. No word on exactly when the update will hit the App Store other than “coming soon.”

Facebook Hits Pause on HTC First Rollout

It wouldn’t be out of line to call Facebook Home a flop thus far, especially if one were using sales of the HTC First handset as a gauge. According to Engadget, the news has gone from bad to worse, with word that the handset won’t launch in the UK — a decision made by Facebook itself. “Following customer feedback, Facebook has decided to focus on adding new customization features to Facebook Home over the coming months,” a unnamed spokesperson for UK carrier EE said. “While they are working to make a better Facebook Home experience, they have recommended holding off launching the HTC First in the UK, and so we will shortly be contacting those who registered their interest with us to let them know of this decision.” Ouch.

FxFactory Adds Ripple Tools II for Final Cut Pro X

New Final Cut Pro X plugins! Maybe it’s just us, but we can’t get enough of them — especially when they’re as useful as Ripple Tools II, a new set of 12 such tools available for the introductory price of only until Monday, May 27. Included in this FxFactory bag of tricks are filters to add glow or rays to text and video, format and animate text along four different path types, use Cloner to remove unwanted pixels, create end title scrolls or crawls, apply retiming effects and even add the popular tilt shift effect to make objects appear smaller in your video frame. But if you snooze, you lose: The price goes back up to on Monday, when you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t save that 10 bucks.


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App Recap: 1Password 4 Mac Beta, Units 2.0, Mailbox Goes Universal

Units 2.0Whether you use a Mac, iPad or iPhone, the last 24 hours or so have produced some welcome updates to your favorite apps — including universal support for Mailbox, and signups for the next version of 1Password for Mac.

AgileBits announced Thursday that a new beta for the Mac version of 1Password is on the way — and if you act quickly, you might even be able to help work out any final kinks as a beta tester.

“We’re excited to announce that 1Password 4 for Mac will be released later this year!” the brief newsletter signup page reads. “We are expanding the beta gradually and would love for you to join us.”

Toss those folks your email address, confirm your interest and you’re in — but it may a couple of months before beta testers actually get their hands on the latest Mac version.

On the iPad front, popular third-party Gmail client Mailbox announced Thursday that a new universal update is now available from the App Store, adding long-awaited iPad support.

“You asked, we listened,” the brief blog post reads. “Mailbox is now available for iPad, so you can swipe your way to inbox zero on all your iOS devices.”

Last but not least, Crossroad Solutions released version 2.0 of Units, a unit converter for iPhone first released a mere week after the App Store opened its virtual doors in 2008. In addition to finally adding proper iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support, the completely overhauled app now features an integrated calculator, simplified interface and oodles of shortcuts (users are no longer limited to just three).

Best of all, Units 2.0 is available at the introductory price of only 99 cents, but only for a limited time. The update for iPhone and iPod touch requires iOS 6.0 or later.

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Overnight Recap: Scanner Pro 4.5, Hacked AT&T Update, VUDU Adds Offline

VUDU Player for iPadYahoo! certainly kicked off the week in grand style Monday with news of its Tumblr acquisition, but it had one more trick up its sleeve that we’ll get to in a moment, along with Apple going on the offensive over government accusations that the company isn’t paying its full share of taxes on income generated overseas. But first, there’s a whole batch of updates, tweaks and elaborations to enjoy, which includes some analysis on how T-Mobile US could one day leapfrog Sprint for third place!

Scanner Pro 4.5 Update Adds Automatic Border Detection

Readdle is back with another update to its universal Scanner Pro for iOS, and while Tuesday’s version 4.5 release only adds a single feature, it’s a pretty slick one: The app now detects page borders in real time. As you can see from the embedded YouTube video, the result is a neat visual trick, but it’s a practical addition as well, cutting down on the time users spend on cropping and manually adjusting page borders. Real-time border detection will help users fly through a stack of documents in no time at all thanks to batch mode. The Scanner Pro 4.5 update is now available from the App Store.


AT&T Carrier Update Hacked for Faster Data Speeds

Cult of Mac reported Monday that the two developers who hacked T-Mobile’s carrier update earlier this month are back with another tweak which promises to improve LTE and HSPA+ speeds on AT&T as well. The hack does not require a jailbroken device, and it works on the iPhone 5 as well as AT&T cellular-equipped third and fourth-generation iPads or iPad mini. This trick, which is done via iTunes, simply overrides built-in limits on certain bands, allowing devices to pull in the strongest signal available. The good news is that users can revert back to normal, but non-jailbroken users will need to do a full wipe and restore to do so.

Google Product Manager Elaborates on Google Voice Support in Hangouts

Google appears to be feeling the heat on current limitations with its new Hangouts product, so product manager Nikhyl Singhal has taken to Google+ in an effort to sort out any confusion. Singhal confirms our report Monday that Hangouts does not yet support outbound calls from a web browser, but inbound Google Voice calls are indeed possible. Google promises to get outbound calls working soon, and Singhal closes his post by noting “future versions of Hangouts will integrate Google Voice more seamlessly,” which sounds promising.

VUDU Updates iOS App with Offline Playback, Closed Captioning

Back in January, Walmart-owned VUDU promised an update to their existing iOS app by mid-February. Flash-forward to yesterday, and the app is finally available, with no explanation of what took so long. The big news with VUDU Player 2.0 is its ability to download movies and TV shows for offline playback and overall better playback, while the iPhone version adds closed captioning support as well as now taking advantage of the larger iPhone 5 display. Unfortunately, you’ll still need to use a web browser to rent or buy any content, and playback is still limited to standard-definition quality — but hey, at least now VUDU users can watch video without an internet connection.

Analyst Predicts T-Mobile US Could Soon Claim Third Place from Sprint

TMoNews reported Monday that at least one analyst is forecasting a bright future for fourth-placed carrier T-Mobile US. How bright? Deutsche Bank’s Brett Feldman predicts that T-Mobile’s rapid 4G LTE expansion plans could help the company pass third-placed rival Sprint, especially now that it’s empowered with both the iPhone as well as a successful merger with MetroPCS. That last part is expected to gain T-Mobile US an additional five million new customers over the next two or three years, which could help the carrier truly shake up the industry if that prediction should come to pass.

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Overnight Recap: MacBook Air Firmware, eBay Updates, BlueHarvest 5.5

UPS for iPadIt’s our last recap of the week, which means the weekend is once again upon us! There are plenty of Thursday updates you’ll want to get a heads-up about before wrapping up the work week, particularly for owners of mid-2012 MacBook Air models. Don’t be shy, dig in and enjoy our bite-sized nuggets of tech news — it will only take a few minutes!

Apple Releases MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.0

If you own a mid-2012 MacBook Air, Apple would like you to download and install the MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.0 it released on Thursday. The 1.69MB update “addresses a storage firmware issue that, in rare cases, may cause a system to fail to recover from a crash,” which certainly sounds important enough to set aside some time in your day for installation. Apple recommends doing a full backup of your MacBook Air flash storage prior to updating, which is a warning we wouldn’t ignore given what the firmware is actually patching.

eBay Updates iPhone, iPad Apps with Shopping Cart, UI Improvements

Frequent eBay shoppers and sellers will be delighted to learn the company has pushed out updates to its existing iPhone and iPad apps on Thursday, which introduce a new look and feel alongside a Shopping Cart for U.S. and U.K. buyers. In certain U.S. states, new eBay customers can scan their driver’s license straight into the app for faster registration (and therefore, quicker buying!), and eBay promises that your last-minute bidding will be vastly improved over previous versions as well. The free eBay for iPhone 3.0.0 and eBay for iPad 2.3.0 are now available from the App Store.

BlueHarvest 5.5.0 Leaps from Prefs Pane to Full App

Mac users who work with network-attached storage or Linux and Windows hard drives have no doubt discovered all of the annoying little DS_Store and invisible folders OS X spreads around. A little .95 application called BlueHarvest makes short work of this dilemma, and thanks to the version 5.5 update released this week, no longer takes up space in the System Preferences to do so. Available for OS X Mountain Lion or Lion, BlueHarvest 5.5 is now packaged as a full-fledged application with optional menu bar icon, which also adds a new blacklist function for deleting arbitrary files. The update is absolutely free for existing users, and installs right over the old version, removing its pane from System Preferences. Can anyone guess what famous sci-fi movie the name “Blue Harvest” was derived from? Chime in with a comment if so…

UPS for iPad Delivers Package Tracking, My Choice Features

Definitely falling into the “what took so long?” category is this week’s release of UPS for iPad, a free tablet-only app for tracking packages and freight shipments from everyone’s favorite brown carrier. Like the iPhone/iPod touch app, UPS for iPad can be used for some basic functionality without having to log in, but those with a My UPS ID will receive the most benefit from the app, including syncing recent tracking information from the website and the ability to enroll in UPS My Choice and even change preferences for incoming shipments to your address. The free UPS for iPad is now available for download from the App Store.

Stupid Raisins Debuts 50 Animated Titles for Final Cut Pro X

The folks at Stupid Raisins teamed up with CineFlare to introduce a new batch of animated Final Cut Pro X titles in a package called Title Pop. Available with the latest FXFactory version 4.0.6 from Noise Industries, the plug-ins offer 50 customizable titles, complete with 32 build in/out, 10 highlight and eight animation loops with such varied names as Fidget, Kookie, Quiver and Sketchy. Of course, once you start customizing the presets, there’s no end to the number of options you’ll probably come up with! Title Pop is available as a free trial so you can give it a spin before committing to the purchase.

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Overnight Recap: T-Mobile iPhone, Google Storage Bump, 1Password for iOS 4.2

15GB shared storage. Free.Lots of cool stuff to report on for this mid-month Tuesday, but the lead story won’t be good news for those of you who have been vacillating about grabbing an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile US — the handset will now cost you an extra 50 bucks compared to last week, proving once again that you snooze, you lose. The rest of our Monday recap is better news, with the exception of AT&T and HTC, who appear to have a loser on their hands with Facebook Home…

T-Mobile Raises iPhone Down Payment by

As noted by TMoNews, T-Mobile US has quietly raised the up-front price of an iPhone 5 by following a Mother’s Day weekend trade-in promotion. Instead of a .99 down payment for the 16GB model, T-Mo is now asking 9.99, which also raises the price paid over 24 months from 9 to 9 accordingly. The higher down payment also affects pricing on the 32GB and 64GB models sold through the company’s website, but the good news is the monthly equipment fee on all models will remain the same as it was before.

Google Drive Bumped to 15GB, Shared Between Services

The Google Drive Blog announced Monday that free storage between Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos will now be unified into one pool for a shared storage total of 15GB. The change will be welcome to those who don’t use Gmail too much, but need extra space for documents, photos and other files on Google Drive. On the flip side, if you’re a heavy Gmail user, unified storage means you’ll no longer be limited to a 25GB upgrade there. The change is expected to roll out “over the next couple of weeks,” so if you’re not seeing it yet, no cause for alarm.

1Password for iOS 4.2 Arrives with Desktop-Style Browser Changes

Agile Bits released 1Password for iOS 4.2, a pretty massive update that adds the Strong Password Generator to the app’s built-in “1Browser” on iPad as well as desktop-style Go & Fill Logins, complete with AutoFill if you roll like that. 1Password items can now be shared via Messages or email using a one-tap obfuscated format or as plain text, depending on how secure you’d like to make it. Last but not least, 1Password for iOS 4.2 adds the ability to search URLs for Login items with an option to “expand search to all fields,” which should turn up whatever you seek. The update is now available from the App Store.

Amazon Releases Cloud Player for PC, Mac Version Coming Soon

Amazon has been on a roll lately with marketing its cloud-based services, following up its new Cloud Drive Photos for iPhone app with a dedicated Amazon Cloud Player for Windows computers. Using the free application, desktop and laptop users can stream all of their albums, songs or playlists, download MP3 purchases for offline playback while keeping everything up-to-date through the cloud. Although it’s not available at launch, the e-tailer promises a Mac version is on the way, but for now you can give Amazon Cloud Player for PC a spin if you’re running Windows 7, Vista or XP.

Rumor: AT&T Plans to Kill Facebook’s HTC First Following Poor Sales

BGR reported Monday that AT&T may be planning to eliminate the Facebook Home-equipped HTC First from its lineup with extreme prejudice as a result of poor sales thus far. How bad did the Android handset sell? The report claims the carrier “sold fewer than 15,000 units nationwide,” which includes last week, when the up-front price of the smartphone dropped to a mere 99 cents with two-year agreement. That’s apparently worse than AT&T’s previous Facebook-enabled handset, the HTC Status (i.e. ChaCha), which came and went two years ago. AT&T has yet to confirm or deny the rumor, stating only that “we do pricing promotions all the time and have made no decisions on future plans.”

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